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Bwog Pre-frosh profiles: Arianna


Sure pre-frosh can be a little irritating, but their idealism and eagerness can be charming… right? For 2012, Arianna was courageous enough to jump-start the pre-frosh profiles.

Hometown: Paukakalo, Maui, Hawaii

Prospective Major: Sustainable Development, International Relations, Political Science, History

Prospective Dorm: John Jay or Carman (I am still torn, but recently I have wanted a single)

How long do you think it’ll take you to lose your…

Dignity? This is a bit tricky, because I generally don’t care what anyone thinks of me. So as far as my dignity is concerned, I may have already lost it or I will never lose it or possibly I have never had it.

Moral compass? I have a pretty strong hold on my moral compass, so hopefully never.

Sanity? I am already ridiculously crazy.

2010 had the myspace, 2011 dominated on facebook, but 2012 went above and beyond, ED on facebook. Does this milestone make you proud?

I would not say I am particularly proud, but with one of my friends’ encouragement, I joined the facebook group 45 minutes after I found out, so I am definitely a part of the group’s enormous success. To be honest, joining the group oddly made my going to Columbia next year a reality. I am completely addicted to procrastinating on the internet, so seeing the growth and activeness of the CC ’12 group made me feel comforted that my future classmates have my same vice. The group has actually made me slightly pessimistic about next year because people’s comments seem sort of lame. I hate it when people abbreviate excessively such as “how r u?” and “lmao” and I want to vomit whenever someone writes “;)”.  At first I found it humorous that a bunch of 2011 kids were sarcastically giving advice, but then it sort of made me sad that the current freshman at Columbia have nothing better to do than haze younglings.

How many of the Lit Hum books have you already read? Or are planning to read?

In my world history and literature courses I have already read excepts from The Iliad, The Odyssey, Oresteia, Oedipus Rex, Genesis, Aeneid, Confessions, Inferno, Decameron and two summers ago I read Pride and Prejudice. I was not intending on prereading any books, but from this question I guess I probably should . . .   Maybe I will read Crime and Punishment.  A few yeas back my ex boyfriend read that book for his senior novel and to complement his reading we also rented it.  The version that we rented was terrible, it would switch from subtitles to dubbing frequently and at the oddest times.  Now I am looking forward to renting that dreadful film again and sharing it with my new peers.  I will probably also read Don Quixote, Hamlet, and To The Lighthouse.

What are you doing with the rest of your senior year?

My first thought was “drinking liquor, drunk, smoking weed”, but I guess because I am not a member of Three 6 Mafia, those will not exclusively be my only activities.  My second thought was “sex on the beaches . . .” even continuing to all of Peaches raunchy lyrics, but that too is probably not what I am only going to do. In reality I will probably not change my daily habits very much, but my mentality might relax.  I hate being cliché, but I have the urge to scream out “Carpe diem!” I truly want to live my life to the fullest, appreciating Maui and my current friendships as much as I can.  Also instead of only doing homework on Sundays, I am going to devote the first half of every Sunday to going to the beach or on a hike.

You’re from Hawaii, have you ever heard of Anton Glamb (

No, I have never heard of him. I am not madly in love with the tunes, but they are ok. I would be more impressed if he was from Maui. Oahu sucks, I only feel pride for Maui specifically, and even on Maui I feel prejudice against super touristy places such as Lahaina and Kihei.

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  • 2008 says:

    @2008 2008 had livejournal…

  • damn says:

    @damn she’s hott

    1. and to piggyback... says:

      @and to piggyback... and to piggback on #2:

      wow, nicely done, Arianna

  • CC '11 says:

    @CC '11 “…but then it sort of made me sad that the current freshman at Columbia have nothing better to do than haze younglings.”

    Sum quid eris.

    1. SEAS '10 says:

      @SEAS '10 Try “sum quod eris”

    2. Absolutely says:

      @Absolutely Agree. What else do we have to do but point out all the faults of the current and soon-to-be freshmen at Columbia? You only true become a Columbian when you realize this is right of passage?

      Oh, yeah, and this was boring. I don’t care about some movie you and your ex-boyfriend watched.

  • cu 2008 says:

    @cu 2008 so many jewish girls…so little time.

  • damn says:

    @damn this was boringg

  • what does says:

    @what does Arianna say after eating lunch at Tom’s?

    That was a Fein berger!

  • sweet says:

    @sweet hat


  • Dear Bwog, says:

    @Dear Bwog, Who the fuck cares?

  • as a... says:

    @as a... as a current Columbia student suffering from terminal cancer, let me just give Arianna one piece of advice: you will get cancer.

  • no wonder... says:

    @no wonder... wow, a hot, smart jewish girl from hawaii, columbia admissions really hit the jackpot with her

  • um... says:

    @um... “those will not exclusively be my only activities?” tell me her parents are big donors…

  • EAL says:

    @EAL She’s a stickler for good grammar. That already makes her better than, say, 80% of the Internet. I like her!

    Congratulations Arianna and welcome to Columbia!

  • anton fan says:

    @anton fan Glamb is the man

  • How r u? says:

    @How r u? lamo ;)

  • positive comments says:

    @positive comments clearly her or her friends. get real.

  • jdgjfhgj says:

    @jdgjfhgj LMAO

  • Sorry but.. says:

    @Sorry but.. that was kind of boring.

  • alexw says:

    @alexw “I am completely addicted to procrastinating on the internet”

    Welcome to Columbia. You will fit in well.

  • Was there says:

    @Was there Any point to this post, other than allowing her an outlet to show off her tan?

    1. well says:

      @well she’s cute, so said outlet is allowable.

  • yawm says:

    @yawm Since when was sustainable development a major??

  • these posts says:

    @these posts about 2012 aren’t bad…but there’re so many…why is bwog so interested in them?

    1. future says:

      @future get ’em hooked on bwog early.

  • can we says:

    @can we maybe have a post about a seas prefrosh? I’m really tired from hearing about sustainable development and underwater basketweaving. I think it’d be hilarious to have a stereotypical SEAS interview.

  • current students says:

    @current students I’m more interested in reading profiles of actual Columbia students on campus than people that aren’t here yet.

    And 2011 had ED on facebook. Duh! Sorry 2012, nothing new.

    1. nothing new 2012 says:

      @nothing new 2012 You’re right. As a proud ED member of 2011, we had ED facebook. BWOG got it wrong because I was a member of 2011’s group as soon as I got the email in December.

  • anton glamb says:

    @anton glamb take the subway!

  • hey says:

    @hey hey post #28, do you “only true become a columbian” when you have the grammar of a preschooler?

  • ehhh says:

    @ehhh not that hot, considering these are probably her hottest pictures.

    1. mmm says:

      @mmm why would those be her hottest pictures? i bet bwog wouldn’t let her post her hottest pictures…

  • ED facebook says:

    @ED facebook All these ED 11s and 12s…get some viagara…that’ll solve your problem

  • Hahahaha says:

    @Hahahaha Way to talk about drinking and smoking weed you stupid prefrosh. That’s going to follow you around for the rest of your life thanks to the GOOGLE.

    1. Well says:

      @Well she is quoting a song, so that only half counts. And with the complementing a reading thing, I am going to choose to believe she is being facetious.

  • Also says:

    @Also Renting a movie to complement a reading? Jesus Christ.

  • but says:

    @but she is hot. and she is from hawaii. and she’s jewish. i think i may have just found a way to make myself and my mother happy!

    1. Clearly says:

      @Clearly deprived Columbia Jewish men are behind all the plaudits for this girl. The profile strikes me as totally unspectacular though; boo Bwog.

      1. cu 2008 says:

        @cu 2008 excuse me, i’m not jewish, but i love jewish girls. don’t make generalizations.

  • I didn't says:

    @I didn't even know there were Jews in Hawaii.

    1. hawaii says:

      @hawaii the governor of hawaii is jewish

  • major major says:

    @major major sustainable development is a major, but she’s as bad as barack — “international relations” isn’t!

  • surprise! says:

    @surprise! People are shallow.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous kinda hot but sounds really boring. but jewish is a plus.

  • mmm says:

    @mmm wow. Check her out on Facebook- you’re right about these being her hottest pictures. And she seems pretty shallow to me.

    Maybe big donor parents is right.

  • she's shallow? says:

    @she's shallow? did you read what you just wrote?

  • ummmm says:

    @ummmm i don’t think it would matter if she was boring or not because BWOG asked her the most boring questions imaginable. “how many of the lit hum books have you read?” how is she supposed to come up with an interesting answer to that?

  • man says:

    @man most people here are basically good people, even all ya’ll, except you’re on the internet anonymously

  • can we... says:

    @can we... get some engineers, bwog??

    1. engineers says:

      @engineers are uninteresting. hth.

  • Albert says:

    @Albert She’s really not that hot, and she’s obviously not very intelligent. Can we get a refund?

    1. Nick says:

      @Nick agreed. maybe we would be better off with more jews from long island?

  • hmm says:

    @hmm are we talking hot by jewish standards or in general? because i don’t think she’s hot at all in general but if you’re just talking about jewish girls i wouldn’t know i have no idea.

  • call me says:

    @call me ignorant but what is Facebook ED?

  • Ocho says:

    @Ocho A hot Jewish girl from Hawaii is not so inconceivable. Kim Davidson CC09, just as hot, Hawaiian and Jewish

  • ... says:

    @... this is pathetic. who cares if she’s hot? she stepped up to the plate as the first pre-frosh profile, give the girl a break!

  • askjdhakjfh says:

    @askjdhakjfh she looks like maebe from arrested development

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