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In other Special Interest Housing news: Art House is no longer. The decision to disband came after Special Interest Community administrators wanted Art House to maintain its current location in Wallach for next year. Alas, Art House members were seeking better digs.

Philosophized one soon-to-be-ex-A.H. denizen: “It’s a shame that Columbia is losing this because we were making some great headway this year and had a lot of momentum for future projects.” Ah, such is life.

Welcome to the housing lottery, kids.

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  1. well...  

    res life is retarded.

  2. uhh  

    if they're so disappointed that the art house is disbanding, couldn't they just keep on living in wallach? greedy fools.

  3. wow  

    did art house even DO anything? the reason that theyre disbanding just shows all they wanted was good housing. hahahaha.

  4. aw come on fellas  

    they're good kids, and they include in their ranks the hottest lesbian on campus: mike molina.

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