Want your Superbowl party to last three years?

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CommunityWell, there’s still time for you to concoct a ridiculous special interest housing application! They’re due at noon on Friday. If you can generate a reason you need to live together as legitimate as the one that “Urban Economic Perspectives” must have come up with (in their words, “to engage the community in dynamic dialogue”), you too can have a brownstone or a suite in Claremont or EC for the next three years. A home like Inquiry House (“community engagement”) is a legacy that lasts a lifetime, probably, if next year’s rising sophomores are wise enough to keep the dream alive. You also need to push your story past a faculty advisor and survive a number of other trials (listed in full on the Residential Programs site).

Bwog recommends an application tactic that appears to work: Make sure your mission statement has the word “community” in it. Of the ten houses active this year, only one failed to use the appropriate shibboleth – ironically, it’s Students for Substance Free Space, who at least have a pretty good case for being issued a padlock.



  1. what will patriots  

    fans be doing late Sunday night?

    Having a Super Bawl!

  2. Ugh  

    Dear Bwog,

    I hate hate hate the Asian kid playing piano in Lerner. Why do you play?

    - Me

  3. full stop  

    I hate anyone who plays the piano in Lerner. Fucking bastards.

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