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A few tipsters have sent Bwog links to a website called EveryBlock. Users can search by zip code or address to find out all sorts of neat things about a neighborhood like elevator malfunctions, construction work violations and grossest of all: restaurants’ health code violations. 

Kitchenette scored a moderately upsetting 14 points, the most nauseating of which was “food surface not washed.” Other points came from the failure to “post signs” or have a working thermometer.  

An impressive 29 points were awarded to Subconscious. Apparently they’re still serving NYC-banned trans fat, among other things.

But today’s big winner is John Jay. During its inspection at the end of January, John Jay Dining Hall racked up a positively baller 32 points for everything from inadequate lighting to “food not protected from contamination” to mice.  

In comparison, Hewitt Dining Hall only had 9 points of violations, the most egregious of which were “flying insects” and the cryptic “Other/Employee in separate smoking room.”

And the rest of the best:

Deluxe: 11 points  

Tom’s: 7 points 

Java City: 12 points 

Roti Roll: 41 points (Watch your back John Jay!)

Starbucks: 10 points 

Tasti D Lite: 2 points

Blue Java: 12 points

Artopolis: 17 points

V&T: 15 points

Ferris Booth: 33 points

Am Cafe: 6 points

Bwog has just two questions: Ham? Del?


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  1. phew  

    good thing that's not revolting.

  2. '08  


    I can't wait to move out of the city in May.

  3. The King of Spain  

    Roti Roll is jointly listed with Suite, so the problems could be less severe - or it's just wishful thinking. Kind of amazing that Tom's isn't utterly disgusting, like its food.

  4. God only knows  

    what Pinnacle's score would be. I don't buy anything from there that isn't hermetically sealed.

  5. hmmm  

    well, it looks like another reason to consume a 100% tasti-D diet. Guess all those barnard girls weren't too far off the mark

  6. lawl  

    clever post title, bwog

  7. Well  

    I'm just gonna vomit.

  8. ummm  

    the link for roti roll definitely says 36, not 41...

  9. EAL  

    And yet, I'm still going to eat at John Jay Dining Hall tonight. Salmonella, here I come!

  10. nes  

    Nothing will dissuade me from consuming Bombay Frankies. Palak Paneer is oral orgasm.

  11. shock

    I'm surprised at those of you who are surprised.

  12. wtf  

    "John Jay Dining Hall racked up a positively baller 32 points "

    way to misuse the word "baller", even in the context of sarcasm. lol

  13. Anonymous  

    I like the 17 points for Koronets, which include "live animal."

  14. Hmm  

    Is anyone else not unable to follow the links in this article? I would like to see this website myself...

  15. Ferris Booth  

    Improper Use of Utensil? Why do I feel I'd rather not know?

  16. Witness to the filth

    I saw a massive cockroach on the wall when I was at Deluxe, so I'm a little surprised that "gigantic insect" isn't listed as one of the violations. Perhaps they joined the snowbirds in Florida for the winter?

  17. Luis  

    I never thought I'd say 'only 36 food violation points', but yeah, Roti Roll has only 36 violation points, not 41. Some of that has to be suite's fault, too- 'toilets not maintained'? Roti Roll, as far as I know, doesn't have any toilets.

    Still... eww.

  18. Dylan  

    For all you Ferris Booth supremacists, Ferris actually scored worse than Jay...33 points.


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