QuickSpec: Surprises Are Fun Because They’re Unexpected Edition

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Vampire Weekend not worth the $10 you didn’t pay for their CD on iTunes

Breaking: Super Bowl more popular, lucrative than environmentalism  

No asterisk for the vowel?  

It’s a walk-off!

CC’s got Obama, GS has about what you’d expect

The cookbook that Americans…er, New Yorkers…er, diet-conscious

East Harlemites
can’t get enough of!



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  1. Win Butler

    1) I'm in GS and I thought Bwog's backhanded comment was pretty funny.
    2) Those music reviews are garbage.

  2. yeah  

    those reviews sucked balllz

  3. Vampire Weekend?  

    More like Vampire Weakend

  4. Gravel  

    Wow! I knew that Gravel was rather odd and cantankerous... But I never realized how odd some of his proposals truly are. Presidential primaries are truly more entertaining than any network TV sitcom could ever possibly be.

  5. Why  

    do you have to headlines linking to the same article?

  6. wow  

    way to have sucky music reviews.

    spec can never get it right. they were absolutely useless and offered no insight whatsoever.

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