The Well’s Gone Dry

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This is for a very narrow section of the population, namely for those of you bored in class, reading Bwog, and contemplating a shower on your return to your dorm in EC.  Tough luck.  There will be no running water in EC for an indefinite period of time.  The reason?  Only the delightfully intriguing “emergency repairs” was given.

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  1. ouch  

    poor EC residents...shady elevators...no hot water...its like theyre returning to the dark ages!

  2. Anonymous  


  3. coogan  

    My pun:

    Why did Alma Mater get to keep public domain on the Manhattanville discussions?

    Real Estate DROUGHT!

  4. ___  

    This university FUCKING SUCKS. I should have gone elsewhere... but I guess that's just the story of the typical Columbia student.

  5. that sucks  

    Since one can assume that part of the fee we pay for housing is for utilities, can the EC residents expect compensation? It seems like a problem this big occurs through negligence of the landlord/building owner. I think that the people affected should push to be partially reimbursed for the inconvenience.

  6. damn  

    that kinda sucks. i feel sorry for you guys.

  7. EC.  

    As far as I know, the water is back on, at least as of 12. Enjoy.

  8. Get over yourself...  

    "'This university FUCKING SUCKS. I should have gone elsewhere... but I guess that's just the story of the typical Columbia student.'" -#4

    Yea, because the typical Columbia student is a jackass... go take your spoiled pretentious self elsewhere if you don't like it, lord knows this campus would be a much better place without you.

    • well,  

      I don't think it is unreasonable to expect that a major university could provide running water, pest control, and classrooms are big enough to hold the students in a class, but I might just be feeling entitled. I'm sorry, I'll just go back home and appreciate my box underneath the west side highway. The Hudson hasn't let me down yet for running water.

      • Anonymous  

        sorry you had to go 6 whole hours without hot water (just in your dorm, you could still go to the gym or something if you desperately needed a shower)

        The only reason this is getting attention is because it happened in EC, where a ton of whiny bitches with a sense of entitlement live. When it happened in Wein, it passed without so much as a word.

        • apologies  

          Having lived in a 90 sqft single in wein that leaked shower water through the ceiling last year, I will indulge in the publicity where I can get it. If it happens to be in the dorm that I currently live in, so be it.

  9. gross but  

    how about talking about how NONE OF THE BATHROOMS IN SCHAPIRO HAD SOAP DISPENSERS FOR THE LAST WEEK. this means that many sophomores you may have touched over the past week hadn't washed their hands. staph infection anyone? columbia housing is rouuuugh

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