Meeting Across The River: Bwog’s Guide to New Jersey

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The free New Jersey transit fares (with a student ID and this coupon) continue until Sunday. Take advantage and see the Jerz — here are some suggestions, and directions, from the Bwog Staff.

Medieval Times Medieval Times

Lyndhurst, NJ

Catch the 192 Bus at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and take it to Polito Ave. Then look for the giant castle.

This olde tymeie fortress is perhaps the best-known member of the knights-and-ale theme restaurant chain that started on the Spanish island of Majorca thirty-five years ago. Watch this badical intro movie. A regular ticket is a steep $55, but groups larger than fifteen get a sizable discount, and admission includes a two-hour show, a hearty, utensil free meal, and flagons of mead straight from the serving wench’s pitcher.

Princeton Record Exchange

20 South Tulane St, Princeton, NJ

New Jersey Transit Northeast Corridor Line from Penn Station to Princeton Junction; change for Princeton Shuttle

Though it may seem like Columbia is the majority share-holder in hipsters and their goods, Princeton certainly holds its own. Watch audiophiles congregate in their natural habitat between rows of Yo La Tengo European imports (on vinyl, natch) and more jazz that you ever thought you wanted to know about. Bonus local points for referring to it as “Prex.”

Asbury ParkAsbury Park

New Jersey Transit North Jersey Coast Line from Penn Station to Asbury Park

Visit the iconic wonderland popularized by Bruce Springsteen’s debut album and numerous Sopranos shootings, then ruined by thirty years of brutal urban decay. Remember Madame Marie’s and Big Pussy’s nautical misfortune? Do you want to see the cladding fall off an unfinished skyscraper over an abandoned boardwalk?

Grounds for SculptureGrounds For Sculpture

Hamilton, NJ

New Jersey Transit Northeast Corridor Line from Penn Station to Hamilton, then a five minute taxi ride

A 35-acre public sculpture park, with $8 admission for students.

Museum of Contemporary Russian Art

80 Grand St, Hoboken, NJ

PATH to Hoboken (OK, that’s not a free fare, but it’s only $1.50)

No trip to Hoboken would be complete without a visit to the only museum around that’s dedicated exclusively to Slavic art.

Dippin Dots

Dippin’ Dots Machine, Newport Center Mall

Jersey City, NJ

New Jersey Transit 86 bus, or PATH to Newport/Pavonia

You remember Dippin’ Dots! The ice cream of the future! From Six Flags! Well, you can also get it at a vending machine in a mall in Jersey City!

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  1. wait  

    this begs the question: where's the nearest dippin' dots to columbia? don't tell me i gotta go all the way to the dirty jerz to get some balls in my mouth...

  2. Liz  

    Princeton Record Exchange is unorganized. Viva la Vintage Vinyl!

  3. YES  



  4. King Arthur  

    Medieval Times is truly a one of a kind experience, and the food is quite good, as far as I can recall. I highly recommend it.

  5. Medieval Times

    is an overpriced, underproduced pile of shite. They give tapas sized servings of the main course and the service is horrid. Worse still is the fact that the majority of the place is filled with high schoolers and grade schoolers. This place is not worth the trip.

  6. dippin dots  

    killer post

  7. alexw

    I hate "natch" in any and all of its uses.

  8. south jersey lady  

    sojo is mad underrepresented here. also, princeton record exchange is called "prex" not p-rex.

  9. jersey  

    is for lovers. On Valentine's Day, take your special lady to the Hudson shore. If you are quiet, you might hear the gentle breaking of waves upon the shore, as another disrespectful guido's corpse is dumped into the river. They say if you make a wish before you hear the sound of screeching tires, it will come true.

  10. ...  

    i mean, come on, people rarely use the phrase "begs the question" to point out a logical fallacy these days. it really begs the question that if "begs the question" really is a phrase to describe a logical fallacy, then why do so many people use it to raise a question in common vernacular...

  11. anti-rjt  

    rob trump is a UTI in your mouth

  12. Sadia  

    don't forget the spice girls concert on sunday at the prudential center.


    dear god, somebody please buy my tickets. i had nothing but good intentions.

  13. Cable Guy

    The red knight's goin' down...down, down, down.

  14. Stephen Schwelp  

    First of all, this list is missing Johnson's Popcorn.

    The greatest popcorn ever made.
    Best when hot and melty.

    And a note: Sojo is not a nickname for South Jersey, it's a nickname for Sojourner Truth or sad mojo.

  15. Stephen Schwelp  

    Also, please do not disresepect the Natchez people. They've gone through enough hardship.

  16. grounds 4 sculpture  

    is amazing. seriously. there's everything from life-size renoir paintings (you can pretend to pick the nose of the girl with the glass of water) to massive modern sculptures over the lakes.

  17. from the town over  

    asbury park is pretty cool. The music scene is a bit dying, but lbgt community is beginning to renovate the numerous victorian houses and downtown area. plus thursday night drum circles at the beach are the best.

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