1. c'09 abroad

    aw! i miss you, columbia!

  2. Did you guys  

    see the panda outside Butler???

  3. The snow  

    isn't all that nice if you don't have an umbrella and you do have a cold.

  4. enthusiastic  

    That panda made my effing day. Please put a picture up so that I can forever be reminded of how fantastic it was!!!

  5. panda lover  

    ahhh who made that panda and why are they so awesome?

  6. pandabear

    just out of curiosity, how big was it? like, if a person stood next to it would his/her face be about the size of the panda face or smaller or bigger?

    it's adorable, but would be made even more awesome if it were super-huge.

    (aka someone go out there NOW and stand next to it for scale!)

  7. Big Green

    Dartmouth Winter Carnival has nothing on you guys. That panda snow sculpture rocks!!!!!.

  8. yes  

    both the snow and the panda were adorable, but the panda is probably buried by now, and bwog might consider putting an ice advisory up... it's raining and everything's slicked over.

  9. if there is  

    one thing Columbia hates more than an unkempt lawn, it is uncleaned snow.

  10. ugh  

    snow sucks... I'm tired of winter

  11. way to go

    Panda bear was great guys. Pretty darn cheerful.

  12. sigh  

    bitches and hos. i need boots.

  13. boo  

    i missed the panda :(

  14. what do apathetic  

    people say in the middle of a blizzard?

    Snow what?!

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