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The soap opera scene (and all of the many glories associated with it – remember The Gates?) has made a triumphant return to Columbia with the brand-spanking new release of The Exclusion Suite, touted by its creator as “Columbia’s newest dramatic web-TV series.”  From the looks of it, The Exclusion Suite is off to a better start than its older sibling, The Gates, (the brainchild of Davide Barillari, CC’09) which failed to follow up its opening episode with a heartily promised sequel.   

While The Gates chronicled the exploits of a gaggle of first years as they encountered Carman move-in madness, hooked up rather awkwardly at a series of frat parties, and held pissing contests over who’s been to Egypt more times in his life, The Exclusion Suite seems to offer a far more sophisticated (or maybe just older) cross-section of social life at Columbia, focusing on the daily lives of what the show’s website terms, “the awkward, funny, and sexy” residents of an EC Exclusion Suite. With the legendary watering-hole of 1020 sure to play a prominent role in the first episode, The Exclusion Suite looks like it will provide the, ahem, sophistication and quality that Columbia soap viewers have come to expect.

With a snazzy new website, a free downloadable version of the show’s theme song, a mini-blog detailing production activities up to the day, and of course a plethora of production pictures on a Flickr slideshow of the fine establishment that is 1020, The Exclusion Suite is sure to pack a punch. Perhaps this means using more sophisticated editing technology than Apple iMovie, making sure that the boom does not appear in every other shot, and making sure that the show’s sound actually corresponds to the movement of the actor’s mouths.  The only thing that is left for the production crew to do now is to actually put out a show. 

And according to The Exclusion Suite’s mini-blog, filming for the first episode just wrapped up and is in the final editing stages with a debut expected in the next two weeks. The only question remains is: can it compare to its Ivy rival soap, Campus, recently released in similar fashion at Princeton?  From the looks of it, Columbia may just stand a chance this time.

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  1. umm

    actually i don't think the gates was sam's brainchild. but i might be wrong. either way, exclusion suite is going to rock. i have much faith in it.

  2. eh?  

    Who are these other people? the Gates was 100% Davide.

  3. am i...  

    ...the only one who didn't realize that 1020 had tiled floors until seeing this photo?

    wow, shows where my head's at

  4. I'm psyched...  

    for the premiere. I heard the production values are really good. Columbia needs an injection of lightheartedness - and really, what is undergrad life here if not a soap opera?

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