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Got a flair for writing narcissistic melodrama? The New York Times’ Modern Love is looking for college-age students to write about “what love is now.” Sample response provided by website: “I’m this century’s answer to the last-minute prom date: the gay best friend.” Ooh, edgy! Zeitgeist-y!

So get to work, tortured yet insightful essayists. Winner receives $1000–or in Columbia online survey calculations 3 1/3 iPods– and national fame/embarrassment. It’s like therapy except completely exhibitionist and ineffective. But it’s so much cheaper.

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  1. Lennon/McCartney  

    All you need is love,
    All you need is love,
    All you need is love! Love,
    love is all you need.

  2. Barry White  

    I've heard people say that
    Too much of anything is not good for you, baby
    Oh no
    But I don't know about that
    There's many times that we've loved
    We've shared love and made love
    It doesn't seem to me like it's enough
    There's just not enough of it
    There's just not enough
    Oh oh, babe

    My darling,

    I... can;t get enough of your love, babe

  3. Soulja Boy  


  4. Christmas Eve  

    The more you ruv someone,

    The more you want to kirr him

  5. wow  

    bwog used the word (word?) "zeitgeist-y" twice in one day. did somebody learn a new word??

  6. Snark Committee

    Yay snark!

  7. Anonymous  

    Love is like God or Rock and Roll.

    It's dead but everyone tricks themselves into thinking it's still around.

  8. please  

    stop using zeitgeist-y.

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