All the Noose That’s Fit to Print

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Columbia events, in the national spotlight. Kind of. The New York Times ran an article about President Bush, who in a conference yesterday about race relations denounced incidents involving nooses and said: “The noose is not a symbol of prairie justice, but of gross injustice. Displaying one is not a harmless prank.”

The Times mentioned incidents in Jena, La. and our fair Alma Mater as inspiring President Bush to discuss racially-charged incidents and issues of injustice during a Black History Month press conference that is normally used to focus on contributions of black members of society. 

Columbia: partially kind of—but not really—changing the way things are done around the White House.


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  1. ????  

    How is this changing the way things are done in the white house? Rhetorically denouncing racism without advocating any policies which might lead to racial equality is the epitome of washington status quo

  2. frustrated w press  

    ugh we need to deal with this noose incident as an issue separate from the Columbian identity. the noose happened because some jerk that claims to be Columbian was being an idiot. i am light blue, and i denounce the noose happening as something very un-Columbia.

    oh, and Columbia needs to either pave the way forward in terms of race relations or get out of the press.

    • Anonymous  

      The pseudo-science of race is best forgotten except as a history lesson in human barbarity. We don't need race relations, we need to expose the fact that "race" is and always was a bunch of bullshit pushed on us by The Man. Instead, we should explore the different cultures and ideas within each of us and in every nation that allow poverty and ignorance to fester.

      If that's what you mean by paving the way forward in race relations, then I say, "HELL YEAH!! WOOOOO"

  3. again  

    Columbia: partially kind of�but not really�changing

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  4. trhsfd  

    racism is about giant boners in george bush

  5. wtf, trhsfd?  

    Thank you, Dr. Intellecto...

  6. I wish  

    there were someone among Bwog comment-ors who liked Bush, and was willing to defend him. Then we could have a fun argument. It's no fun when everybody's on the same side.

  7. ughh  

    "Columbia: partially kind of—but not really—changing the way things are done around the White House." who this writer? he is clearly the weak link on the bwog staff.

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