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Bwog headed to Roone Cinema this evening ready for our daily dose of lively intellectual discourse, today’s source being the first of three debates between the College Democrats and Republicans on issues pertinent to the upcoming election. We settled into our cushy seat surrounded by a vast sea of argyle sweaters and watched the games […]

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The Three Trillion Dollor War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict is Nobel Prize-winning, globally-thinking Columbia prof Joseph Stiglitz’s new book. The book posits that Bush’s cost estimates for the war in Iraq were incorrect—the administration cited a $200 billion figure—and that the Iraq conflict will cost almost double that of WWI, putting the […]

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Columbia events, in the national spotlight. Kind of. The New York Times ran an article about President Bush, who in a conference yesterday about race relations denounced incidents involving nooses and said: “The noose is not a symbol of prairie justice, but of gross injustice. Displaying one is not a harmless prank.” The Times mentioned […]

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The State of the Union airs tonight at 9 PM. For the interested yet TV-less, it’ll be broadcast live on C-SPAN. In addition, one tipster alumnus sent Bwog a link that might make watching a bit livelier.  Cheers! 

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Spec‘s reporting that freshmen will have the option to retake the lit hum exam or to receive a grade based on the rest of their work this semester. Apparently, it was all the professor’s fault… So the choice is obvious for most. But what about all those C students who have already jet off for […]

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Hell to the Chief

In case you hadn’t heard, PrezBush made a surprise visit to a charter school in Harlem today, and Bwog biked up to 144th and Adam Clayton to see what kind of welcome residents and activists had in store for him. Despite the massive security, which included snipers on every building, streets completely blocked off within […]

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There They Go Again

In this week’s issue of New York Magazine, Provost and American History professor Alan Brinkley follows in the steps of department collegue Eric Foner by slamming President Bush. Brinkley’s commentary is a part of the issue’s “psychopolitical survey” in which “a team of historians, Oval Office veterans, and psychotherapists tries to figure out whether Bush […]

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1) If you’ve been ignoring your inbox lately, you probably haven’t heard that Columbia will be graced with the presence of the MIT linguistics expert, sometimes-anarchist, and general wise old man, Noam Chomsky. First, Chomsky will speak about Renaissance man Harold Pinter (weird, no?) for five dollars at Miller Theatre.  But if you’d rather hear […]

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Foner: 1 Bush: 0

It’s official, at least according to Professor Eric Foner: George Bush has already earned the honor of becoming the Worst President Ever. Foner’s in-class remarks hit the printed page and the web today with an editorial in the Washington Post’s Sunday Outlook section and a post on DailyKos, where it’s up to 473 comments as […]

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