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When friends go abroad, it’s often tiresome and troublesome keeping in contact. Adding + 44 before dialing a ten digit number? Who has that kind of time? Luckily, we are living in the age of the internets, and maintaining overseas friendships is as easy as blogging.

Take Off Broadway, a WordPress blog chronicling the studies abroad of six Columbia juniors—including many Blue and White and Bwog alumni—in Amman, Cape Town, Kyoto, London, Ecuador, and Buenos Aires.

Posts about standing on the zero degrees latitude mark, not bungy jumping, and Valentine’s Day in Japan are lovely and interesting, and the diversity of the places discussed makes the blog very readable, even as you jump from Quito to Kyoto.

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  1. why is it  

    so hot and rainy in Quito?

    It's near the Ecuador!

    • that joke  

      should be favorite commented if only because it is the most idiotic thing I have ever read. Ecuador means Equator. So there's no joke. And if you were speaking in spanish, you would even use the article "the" before the name of the country, so GOD THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY!

  2. Armin Rosen  

    There's Greg Keilin at the Commentariat.

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