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Just mere moments ago, Bwog received an email from Dave Cook of Eating in Translation. Cook informs us that according to someone in charge of renovating Pertutti’s old space, the new restaurant will be an Italian trattoria. Apparently, the kitchen will stay open til 2 AM, and the doors til 4 AM. The new eatery is owned by the same people who own the Upper West Side’s Nonna

Bwog MenuPage-d Nonna, and here’s what we found:


“My boyfriend and i are both servers, so we never talk bad about the service…until i went here.”

“We’ve been to Nonna numerous times and the food is always wonderful. It’s also, usually, a cozy atmosphere. The last time we went, though, the host gave us kind of a lousy table despite the fact that the restaurant was virtually empty. The bigger problem, though, was that it was FREEZING in the restaurant. We noticed that the waitstaff were wearing scarves and (in one case), a hat so, after sitting 20 minutes with our coats on, we finally asked if there was a problem with the heat. “Well, ‘, our waitress opined “sometimes the cold battles the hot and the cold wins”. If we’d wanted a philosophy course, we’d have attended a lecture.”

“The wait staff paid no attention to me. Need Water? Bread? A fork? Good luck.”

“Tonight, we placed our usual order…but the bartender who took our order was *profoundly* rude. I ordered a caesar salad, and asked if I could pay extra (any amount) to add some grilled chicken. He replied, “that is impossible…the chef never has, and never will do that…only at lunch…”

But How’s the Food?

“Coffee was cold. Pancakes were cold which explains why we had to wait so long.”

“They advertise a Spicy Shrimp Fettuccini which is amazing, however it’s no longer on lunch special menu. The cook can make this for you with no problem, but even when a phonecall is made PRIOR to showing up, you have to fight for the fetticcini, and they charge you a ridiculous dinner price for the LUNCH portion.”

“The ambiance is nice and the service was pretty decent, but the coffee was foul and I was served the single worst omelette I’ve ever tasted, rubbery on the outside, liquid on the inside, and oddly sugary tasting. Any greasy spoon diner is better.”

…and such small portions! Bwog will see you all at Deluxe. Again.

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  1. So...  

    was the average review this bad, or did Bwog just be typically cynical and include only the worst ones?

  2. Well  

    There go all my hopes and dreams.

  3. Anonymous  

    Interesting...reviews before the restaurant has even begun to change hands!

  4. A Dare  

    So, if you search Barack Obama on facebook, he lists his phone # in his (obviously public) profile. I dare Bwog to call him and see who responds. In the unlikely event that he picks up and you need something to talk about, invite him to CU or ask him why he hasn't come before.

  5. ...  

    oh for fuck sake... just what this pathetic neighborhood needs... another empty schmancy looking bullshit restaurant with $18 plates of mediocre italian.

    we really, really need a moratorium on the university renting space to overpriced, mediocre restaurants.

    come on, would it really be so hard to rent to a place like atlas cafe? or a reasonably priced crepe shop? or mamas food shop? or republic? or chip shop? or any place that has good food that won't set you back $25 by the time you're done.

    columbia has over 20,000 students. is the best they can do really >$25 per meal? how many of those 20,000 students and n-thousand staff can actually afford places like that? not very many.

    and seriously, if you're going to spend some serious money on a meal, why the hell would you stick around here. go into the city and make a night of it... IT MAKES NO SENSE.

    • Anonymous  

      You mean more Tom's and Amir's and less Deluxe.

    • wow  

      maybe the places you want aren't viable businesses. So you want Columbia to choose who they rent to based on the cheapness of their menu - regardless of sustainability of their enterprise? sounds like subsidized food. Just eat at john jay if that is what you want.

      • subsidized?  

        Aren't John Jay meals $15 each or something like that? Hardly sounds subsidized to me...

      • ...  

        yes, you're absolutely right. high quality, moderately priced food outlets would do terrible in a neighborhood with budget minded consumers numbering in the tens of thousands.

        clearly the best course of action in finding a new tenant with a plan for a "sustainable business enterprise" to replace failed and overpriced morningside heights mediocre italian restaurant #n would be to rent to a fresh concept, like a slightly less mediocre overpriced italian restaurant with plans for a new paintjob and awnings.

  6. so this is why...  

    kids up here go on hunger strike.

  7. been there  

    nonna isn't all bad - my service was good and they make really good standard italian food. but yes, it is expensive.

  8. Reminds Me  

    Of Camille's. Awful and always empty on priceless property.

    That place HAS to be a mob front.

  9. TC scandal!  

    Clearly I should be a Bwogger, since they are too slow to post this stunner:

    "Professor Madonna Constantine has been sanctioned by Teachers College for plagiarism, according to a memo obtained by Spectator Tuesday evening. The memo, dated Feb. 18, was hand-delivered to professors on the Office of the President's stationery. ...

    In October, Constantine, a professor of counseling and clinical psychology, was thrust into the spotlight as the victim of an apparent hate crime when a noose was found on her office door. Students and colleagues rallied to her defense, describing her as a scholar who addressed issues of race head-on. As of last month, the New York Police Department had not identified any suspects in the case."


  10. snooty pertutti  

    Spec had an interview with the owner this morning:


  11. atlas cafe?  

    you mean, like the one on 20th and alabama in san francisco? or do you mean something else? because that would be fucking wonderful

  12. Alum

    "Just mere"? Are Bwog's copy editors on a hunger strike?

  13. thank you  

    for the alvy singer joke.

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