Alleged Plagiarism at TC

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As the Spectator reported earlier, Teachers’ College professor and hate crime victim Madonna Constantine is currently being investigated for fraud and plagiarism. However, it’s not publicly known which of her works are coming under scrutiny. 

Bwog attempted to contact Joe Levine, the Executive Director of External Affairs at TC for possible information regarding the case. We were informed by a receptionist that Mr. Levine is “out of the office until Monday” and that “he is the only person authorized to comment on such a sensitive issue.”  

Bwog also placed called to the law firm of Hughes Hubbard and Reed, the firm that conducted the investigation. The attorney we spoke with was unfamiliar with the case against Professor Constantine and was unable to locate a record of it.  

We’re continuing our research and will be posting any updates.


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  1. Call to HH&R  

    "Hi, we'd like more information about this case. Who are we? Oh, just a student organization that snarks about campus gossip on our blog. You don't know anything about the case? Oh, alright. Thank you."

  2. this is  

    fitting high comedy.

  3. journalism  

    Great reporting! Really!

    This post is taking transparency a step too far.

  4. Yeah  

    Way to make a witch-hunt out of this. One day, when a Bwogger carelessly plagiarizes a quote, I hope someone publicly scandalizes you too.

    • what the hell  

      how is it a witch hunt when bwog puts up one post about the FACT that she is being investigated for plagiarism. it's an interesting and relevant story and its bwog's job to report on things like this

  5. I can't....  

    some of the quotes in the Spec article. People are actually defending her after stole work from other people!! How delusional are some people.

  6. Butt Man  

    favorite quote:

    “I am left to wonder whether a white faculty member would have been treated in such a publicly disrespectful and disparaging manner,” she wrote. “As one of only two tenured Black women full professors at Teachers College, it pains me to conclude that I have been specifically and systematically targeted.”


  7. anonymous

    Madonna G. Constantine: The nations #1 academic in the field of finding creative ways to insert the word 'racism' in the title of journal articles.

  8. hhhhmmm

    I thought it was now chic to play the race card a few weeks into a scandal of any sort involving an African-American.

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