1. The King of Spain  

    I think you mean Dodge, not Avery. Avery is full of GSAPP.

  2. butlerite  

    i'm not sure i like the idea of having to reserve space in butler online like one has to do for lerner... but i agree wholeheartedly with the "no outside food" rule. i can't walk in with a sandwich, but i can come in and buy a sandwich at BLUE JAVA no questions asked? bullshit.

    most of the time i just walk in with food in my bag out of sight anyway. it's sort of like abortion: people are going to do it anyway, you might as well just accept it but make sure it's done in a clean way.

  3. Credit where Credit  

    is due. The Visual arts thing for seas has been spear-headed by Lili Gu, 2010 VP, for the last semester.

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