QuickSpec: Metaphorical Significance Edition

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“The Internet has created new forms of storytelling.  In some cases, the threat may prove fatal.”
  What, pray tell, does he speak of?

 Toy Story: the defining allegory of our generation.

We won and we lost!  Hooray for a balanced perspective!

“Vocalist Shirley Simms remained largely silent.”  Good show!

Columbia’s housing selection process is SUITE.  Or not suite enough.


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  1. Nitpick

    The bananas in the "sustainability" cartoon should be pointing up, not down.

  2. Ugh  

    That housing article was awful.

    Same room/suite rights allow students do at least secure the same housing each year and not end up any worse despite gaining seniority.

    And they do allow suite reorganization: It's that awful, awful time called senior regroup. If they had that for every point value, A) someone would end up killed in John Jay lounge by the end and B) the housing process would take months.

    There is no happy way to do housing. Our system is fine, deal with the fact you have 4 friends who all want to live with 4 different friends.

  3. wow  

    that multimedia piece on the subways was pretty cool... bwog should quickspec that as well.

  4. Nope  

    That article was spot on. Same room rights should not apply to suites. Their multi-stage idea was good as well.

  5. e3b  

    Prof Naeem is the man.

  6. cc '09  

    I can't believe that in the third Toy Story installment, Andy is off to college. WTF, way to make me feel old.

  7. gee,  

    Claudia Gonson gave me a ricola! I love her.

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