QuickSpec: Activism Edition

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Howard Dean comes to Columbia, rips on McCain, and tells you to run for office: We don’t need no stinking think tanks!  Yeaaaaaaaaah!

That’s What God Said.”  Did you hear that Scott Stringer?

From Butler chairs to the USenate: GS Housing circus comes full circle.  At least the Senate chairs look more comfortable.

TC students, burned by plagiarism, fight back with words

Criticizing Critical Reading, Critical Writing.

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  1. Homeless GSers  

    That's USenate, not US Senate.

  2. prof. Damrosch fan  

    Prof. Damrosch is probably the best thing that could've happened to the CRCW critic. too bad, the larger picture will continue to elude him while he rejoices in his own greatness

  3. CC '06

    CML fails to mention that CRCW existed for years as an elective before it became a departmental requirement.

    When I took this earlier version of CRCW with Prof. Kroeber, it met all of CML's proposed ideals: a full and experienced professor guiding a small group of students toward understanding and valuing the study of literature.

  4. not such a fan  

    I've never had a class with Damrosch, but from reading his stuff I can see how his hyper-inclusive idea of the canon could be too all over the place for someone who already has a clear idea of what he or she wants to focus on.

    I suppose this approach could be useful for people who need a general intro to what Damrosch considers capital-L "Literature", even though all the cool kids know that this is just a construct.

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