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Students subject to Dean’s Discpline to be treated like sex offenders

The awesomely-named Serene Jones, a Yale Divinity School prof, will be taking over UTS

Columbia really wants to offer a new financial aid package to compete with the likes of Harvard and Stanford, but gently reminds us that it is much, much poorer than those schools.

Chris Kulawik only Columbia student to ever make it all the way to the appendix of FACETS

Personally, we’ll take Van Der Beek in Varsity Blues over Dawson Leery any day

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  1. MSA member

    Hey Kulawick-

    Shove it! MSA spent no money protesting any GOP event (you're really not that important) even though you invited Walid Shoebat to come and tell Muslim students that they are fake Muslims, not "real Muslims" like Al Qaeda.

    Also, the only thing MSA has really done to criticize Israel in the last four years is pay Norman Finkelstein $800 + airfare (a paltry sum compared to the five figure invites of the GOP) to speak about Palestinian rights.

    In summary, the first item on your MSA bashing list is false (no budget money spent) and the last two are in fact the same!

    You're a hack. Please stop wasting ink.

    • MSA member

      PS- MSA has spent an equal amount of money to the Finkelstein event over the last several years cosponsoring events w/ LionPAC.

      Yes, that happens too.

    • Anonymous  

      It's not even worth it.

      Republicans (or lolbertarians), especially Kuwalik, don't live in our reality because it has a well-known liberal bias. They're lost causes, and if I believed in violence they would all be long dead for being failures in every conceivable meaning of the word.

      That's not to say I hate them, I just think they help to ruin the world, and generally live ignorant, boring, stupid lives. They deserve our pity if they deserve any time in our thoughts at all. You however, seem like an individual would listen to facts and pleas, so you're more than worth the time.

      • What?  

        We live ignorant, boring, stupid lives? Our politics don't form as large a part of our life as yours do. We have our beliefs and are, generally, happy to keep quiet about them. We're not the ones running protests, handing out leaflets, and obsessing over the presidential elections. Want to talk about a boring life? I can't imagine a life more boring than one spent screaming "Yes we can!" at some ridiculous hope rally.

  2. To be fair,  

    Disrupting a campus GOP event is far more cooler than any campus GOP event by itself. ISO certainly deserves the money it gets on that count.

  3. Not Chris

    It's so nice that "teh internets" prevents you guys from shouting down the non-radical dissenter on campus in an organized, ordered and legible fashion. Please try this out in-person the next time you all show up to blitzkrieg the next Republican bake sale.

  4. Fin Aid  

    "Since then, the University has made no further announcements about financial aid reforms."

    I.e., Since then, the University has been patiently awaiting the soon-to-be regrettable demise of John Kluge. :-\

  5. meh  

    how about offering something that begins to approach reasonable financial aid (like a paltry 50% of tuition for high achievers) for gs students before getting worried about offering further support to those who can afford to spend >$100k on private high school?

    as it stands there are folks in gs who pull 3.8+ gpas and still end up with crushing, crushing debt loads.

    say what you will about the gs admissions process, if someone achieves above the average while they're here then they deserve financial support every bit as much as someone who is here due to exemplary achievement in high school...

    • !!!  

      hasn't the administration made it clear to you all, no one cares about GS. you guys don't donate money so you don't get money. columbia is competing with other ivy league colleges, not their bastard adult undergrad programs. and this school does not advocate any merit aid. hth.

      • meh  

        I've got no dog in this fight, but it appears that at least GS alumn come speak to the school (Dean and Gravel) unlike CC alumn (Obama).

        • well  

          columbia has traditionally screwed over transfer students on financial aid. i'd be willing to bet they screwed obama over just as much as they screw over gs students today.

          he seems to keep fairly mum on his time at columbia. probably because he harbors resentment over getting screwed financially. i know that if i were ever in such a position, i would acknowledge, but downplay my association with such an institution...

          so check it out, if obama were at occidental today, and wanted to transfer to columbia. guess which undergraduate school he would be in? yup. the bastard adult school.

  6. since when does SGB

    give out defenses for its budget numbers?

    Can you defend Hillel getting gazillions of dollars?

    OR MSA? OR Veritas? OR ISO?

    Arjun, please publish your decisions on everything.


  7. alexw  

    Yo gimme some cash.

  8. wow  

    chris kulawik is so sad that everyone hates him...he just forgets that he and his mafia hold all power and resources

    and if you're still a republican, you're beyond help. you officially live in Socrates' Cave, and I hope you one day realize how much pain and suffering you have wrought on innocent people in the US and around the world.

    • EAL  

      Not all Republicans are neocons or even Bush supporters, by the way. I assume that if you're so enlightened, you could at least figure that out.

      Anyway, Kulawik may not be completely right, but it does strike me as odd that the ISO receives more money than the College Republicans and Campus Conservatives combined. Those people are radical extremists who do nothing but stir up discord.

    • its a good thing

      that the world is wholly contained in the cities of san francisco and nyc

      otherwise who knows what type of harsh realities you might have to deal with

      for all the retarded things kulawik says and does, in jon stewart's words, you are in actuality the person who is 'hurting america'

  9. Jon  

    Just to clarify:

    SGA=Student Government Association (Barnard Student Council)

    SGB=Student Governing Board (governing board in charge of activist, political, religious, and humanitarian groups)

  10. poor journalism

    BWOG- WTF?

    You can't just let officials un-say statements they made about their offices???? Arjun is SGB Treasurer. He made a statement, probably one where he breached his obligation to the groups he's elected to represent. It was possibly unethical. And so, when he releases this was the inappropriate forum for his potentially inappropriate response, you just let him un-say it?


    Is Arjun sleeping with a bwogger? Are bwoggers and arjun in the same secret society? Is there a cosponsorship for B+W in this? An interview? Exclusive rights to breaking news before Spec? Does he intimidate you?

    I must say Bwog- WTF?

    • Arjun  

      Relax. I redacted my comment because it's more appropriate for the board to issue a formal response than for me to state my views here. I don't think there was anything compromising in what I said, and everything I noted will be mentioned in our statement.

      As you, #29, and #31 demonstrated, the Bwog Comments section is not the classiest place to address SGB concerns. We owe Chris a better form of response, and he will get one.

      • how much

        budget did the Dems request vs. what they got?

        Since you were so willing out out CUCR's numbers, surely you won't hesitate to provide a justification for the Dems? Or the Pros? Or non-existent AD HOC getting $800?!?!

        Face it, Arjun threw Kulawick and conservatives under the bus by releasing numbers on them that he shouldn't have. Or that are at least not available for every group. Now Bwog has deleted this gaff. Would you have deleted George Allen's "Macaca" too because the speaker wanted it deleted?

        • duh  

          of course not! bwog is actually a front for the "new american left." a vast left wing conspiracy that aims to infiltrate and destroy every institution you hold dear.

          ad-hoc is actually a secret group of guerilla leftists who have been funded on a secret mission, sent straight into the heartland with hundreds of grams of ecstacy, government issued condoms and a mandate to turn all your sons and daughters gay.

        • Anonymous

          I don't remember the exact number, but we requested a substantially larger budget than what this year's board received. I'm fairly sure that this years Dems budget is smaller than that of last year and two years ago...

  11. sketch?

    yes, the secret societies are actually really really sketch. honestly i dont understand how people with lefty or liberal pretensions - of which there are several involved - tolerate it.

  12. wtf is this 1984?

    Anything dealing w/ secret societies gets deleted?

    Are Arjun and Jessie somehow protected peoples?

    WTF Bwog, WTF?

  13. Juli  

    Arjun's comment was deleted because he asked us to do so.
    It's Bwog policy to delete any comment at the request of its writer—provided that we can verify that the comment writer is the same person asking us to delete the comment.

  14. Hmm  

    The club funding is based on how many members the club has and how many/how expensive events the club has. Ie if there are 500 Republicans but only 20 joint the Republicans club, and only 50 socialists but 45 join the Socialists group, then the Socialists group has more members, even though there are more Republicans on campus. People who share generally share your group's ideology but don't attend meetings or events don't result in your group getting more funds. If the Socialists put on more events than the Republicans, then they get more money. As long as the events are legal, then the SGB shouldn't, and doesn't, judge the validity of the events.

    Also Hillel has a ton of $ and if you judge MSA's events as political, there is no way you can avoid the same argument about Hillel's events being political.

  15. maybe  

    the reason why people have spent so much time protesting Republicans is because they are WHACK-ASS MOTHER FUCKERS.

  16. Ouch

    The logic of that essay made my head explode.

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