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Free Spirit Cookies!

Happening right now, in the Lerner piano lounge, an explosion of light-blue frosted baked goods and free Columbia apparel. The event is designed to kick off a season of CC school spirit. “After everything that happened last semester, we want to remind people what they love about Columbia,” explained Michelle Diamond, CCSC Preisdent.

She stood in front of a table overflowing with light blue t-shirts that appropriately advertise “i am light blue.” It’s meta-spirit! Because the shirt is light blue. CCSC officers frantically distributed the shirts to a line that wrapped up the Lerner ramps, nearly reaching Ferris Booth.

Newly be-shirted CCers snacked on cookies catered from Kitchenette. Next up on CCSC’s flourishing cookie distribution agenda? “Frosting with Alexander Hamilton on it,” said Diamond.

Until then, we wait.

Bwog made a detour to the ATM in 212, and on our way back inside Lerner the security guard manning the front desk inquired about the mob scene. “Oh what! You mean this is all about cookies? People are coming out of their dorms just to get cookies?! This is Columbia—you guys pay like 30 grand! Aren’t you fed enough?”


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  • this says:

    @this isn’t gossip. this is about cookies. gossip is about how michelle diamond is dominating ccsc, refusing to put proposals on the agenda, and how there were only XL t-shirts when i went to get mind. that’s gossip

    1. ... says:

      @... this post is about a positive, happy event that helped to build some community in our divided campus

      and yes, this post is not gossip… and yes, all the things you just said are nothing more than gossip being made up by a couple dudes trying to take over council

      1. well says:

        @well hi michelle supporter.

  • oops says:

    @oops mine, not mind

  • gossip says:

    @gossip i heard michelle diamond ate a toaster.

    1. gossip says:

      @gossip I heard Michelle Diamond IS a toaster.

      1. gossip says:

        @gossip should obviously go on

  • not gossip says:

    @not gossip the light-blue color of the cookies is actually a result of Michelle Diamond using her own breast milk in the recipe.

  • what do thieves says:

    @what do thieves eat for dessert?


  • verdict says:

    @verdict Michelle Diamond

  • verdict says:

    @verdict is

  • soo says:

    @soo what is it that we all love about columbia? that light blue color. yea me too.

  • describe says:

    @describe this color in one lowercase word.

    light blue.

  • hmm says:

    @hmm I remember blue and white cookies at Days on Campus and photographing them and thinking they were really amazing and being filled up with school spirit.

  • tuition says:

    @tuition “This is Columbia—you guys pay like 30 grand! Aren’t you fed enough?”

    All told, it’s more like 46,000, and what the fuck do you think that pays for? T-Shirts and cookies. Duh!

    1. So, says:

      @So, why is US education so expensive again? Canada has a similar income tax structure but their education is dirt cheap. I know that’s not the whole story, but use that as a starting point. Go!

      1. you're an idiot says:

        @you're an idiot Have you ever purchased anything in Canada?

        1. i have says:

          @i have and it is comparable to the us. although this was before the dollar tanked. so i assume it is expensive now.

  • cold says:

    @cold it’s really really really cold outside

  • Because says:

    @Because it’s Canada. Who would go there unless shit were cheap?

  • my temperature says:

    @my temperature thing in firefox says

    “18 degrees (feels like -8)”

    that’s cold.

  • empty stomach says:

    @empty stomach “People are coming out of their dorms just to get cookies?! This is Columbia—you guys pay like 30 grand! Aren’t you fed enough?”

    No. I’m starving. :(

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