A quiet, relatively reserved oasis in Lerner’s weekend Dance Marathon and Egg and Peacock craziness rests on the 5th floor, adjacent to the Satow Room. The National Union of Jewish LGBTQ Students, or NUJLS. 

Bwog caught up with Zach Scholl, 21, who traveled from LaGuardia College by way of D.C. to attend the group’s annual meeting. It’s was Scholl’s first year at the conference, which has been in existence since the mid-90s and was held last year in St. Louis.

Since Friday, the group has been in Lerner in workshops—discussing everything from “religious texts to queer people in the Torah,” according to Scholl—and eating Shabbat dinner (separate dinners for conservative, orthodox and reform Jews).

White poster-board hung outside the Satow Room with the sentence: “At NUJLS I discovered…” And though the conference (and learning!) isn’t quite over, markers were provided for attendees to finish the phrase.

Answers included, “Sarcasm will only get you so far” and “It’s cool to be a Judith Butler fanatic.”