In Brooklyn, Bwog editor Zach van Schouwen extemporizes on electioneering, and inadvertently gets disenfranchised.

The lines weren’t terribly long by 8 AM at P.S. 110 in Greenpoint, where a few disheveled hipsters joined the contingent of elderly Polish men to cast a vote for one or more candidates. Stumbling blindly around the outside of the school, we eventually found the one door, with a sign on the inside, noting where the polling place was. 

Having made my choice, I headed for the L train to make my morning classes. Reading some blogs in lecture hall, however, revealed a disconcerting fact (which reveals my party affiliation): Apparently, if you’re a Democrat and you want to vote for a candidate’s whole slate of delegates, you have to check multiple boxes in the same column, and not just the one next to the candidate’s name. OK, actually, we’ve heard a correction, and you don’t have to vote down the delegate column, contrary to many people’s beliefs. I’m proud to have had the chance cast 1/8th of a vote for America’s future, though.

Columbia students looking to vote a little closer to campus, here’s the skinny (because Jeebus knows NYC’s voting information website isn’t much help): in general, Columbia students’ polling station is Lerner Hall (the west entrance, on Broadway below the revolving doors) Wien lounge, although New York isn’t offering same day registration, so if you haven’t already signed up you’re out of luck. Polls close at 9PM, and you need your voter registration card or a photo ID.

SUPER-DUPER BONUS: In the Lerner Piano Lounge, the College Democrats and Republicans are co-sponsoring a primary watching party (with free pizza) that starts at 8. More to come.