Sidewalk evangelism

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If you’re coming out of the 116th Street subway stop, be prepared to be serenaded and accosted by some Bible studiers singing melodiously, wielding an array of folk instruments and distributing colorful fliers with butterflies on them.

Pop LitHum quiz: They quote from the one non-synoptic Gospel, which one is it?


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  1. Eddie Izzard  

    The Gospel according to St. Bastard.

  2. ugh.  

    they're so fucking annoying. they've been doing this almost every weekend since the summer (and bwog just noticed them)?

  3. ...  

    these people make hippies seem pleasant.

  4. lit hum  

    12 years of catholic school taught me that john is not one of the synoptic gospels

  5. EAL  

    They are annoying to be sure, but more tolerable than the ISO.

  6. anyone  

    remember that woman with the "only true catholics get into heaven" sign by the gates? i wanted to punch her.


    Amy Adams will be hosting SNL next week with VAMPIRE WEEKEND.

  8. ...  

    i swear... lunatics and this place are like moths and lightbulbs.

  9. one of these

    people apprehended me on a downtown train. Despite being a random guy without any CU insignia or other clues as to my identity, his first question was where i'm a columbia student. Being stupid enough to reply affirmatively, I was then given a lecture on how studying the Bible can give me unknown levels of "satisfaction" in life. He must've instilled some fear of Jesus in my shlemazel heart, though, because I restrained myself from telling him precisely where he can go to fuck himself.

  10. err  

    vampire weekend sucks.

  11. praise jesus!  

    for his infinite wisdom and grace

  12. Anonymous  

    How repulsive, proselytizing.

  13. MDI  

    Tolerance ftw...

    I hope i'm not the only one who sees the irony.

  14. MDI  

    I fail to see how people singing is intolerant....

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