Krebs’s Camp to Surrender Posters

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Experience Columbia will experience a 10% decline in the number of available posters because of the now infamous letter of Adil Ahmed.  The Elections Board ruled in their favor.  Full letter after the jump.

The Official Bwog Poster Count:

Alidad Damooei: 1000

George Krebs: 900


On Thursday March 6, 2008 at 12:58:32 a rules violation was submitted by Alidad Damooei of “Connect Columbia” against Adil Ahmed of “Experience Columbia” for sending an email on March 5th, prior to the beginning of campaigning that allegedly violates campaign rules.  Alidad cites from the 2008 Candidate Rules and Regulations Article IV, Section E, “The campaigning period will begin at 9:00am on March 25, 2008.  No campaigning activities, as laid out in sections of Article III and IV, may take place prior to this date.  Candidates or supporters may not advance their candidacy or the candidacy of any other candidate or party in the election prior to the start of the campaigning period.”  Alidad additionally cites Article V, Section A, “All sections of Articles III and IV apply to emails that constitute campaign materials.”  Alidad furthers notes Article IV, Section A that states, “Campaign materials are any physical or electronic materials that promote a candidate or party in association with an election. All sections of Article III apply to campaign materials.”

In regards to Alidad’s accusation of a violation on the part of Adil of Article V, Section A, where, the Elections Board has ruled the email sent by Adil does violate this regulation and constitutes a first violation as outlined in Article XI Section G.

In regards to Alidad’s accusation of a violation on the part of Adil of Article IV, Section E, the Elections Board has ruled the email sent by Adil does violate this regulation and constitutes a first violation as outlined in Article XI Section G.

Finding that the letter sent by Adil Ahmed as a member of “Experience Columbia” as cited in the rules violation by Alidad Damooei of “Connect Columbia” is indeed a violation of Article IV, Section E and Article V, Section A, the Columbia College Election Board therefore, in accordance with Article XI, Section G, assigns a first violation penalty to the “Experience Columbia” party.  This will result in a 10% reduction of posters calculated from the original allotment the party is allowed.  Calculated from the original allotment to an Executive Board Party according to Article VI, Section C being 1,000 posters, “Experience Columbia” will have to surrender 100 posters.


The Elections Board

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  1. However  

    I would say Adil is worth one billion posters - without killing trees. So there.


    next thing you know, the CCSC is gonna do SOMETHING ELSE NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT.

  3. So,  

    How exactly does the Elections Board propose to enforce this penalty? Are they going to go around campus and count how many posters Experience Columbia has up? Good luck.

    • past ccsc-er  

      You have to stamp all of your posters with an approval stamp, and they monitor how many you stamp. If you have posters up that don't have stamps, you're in big trouble.

  4. GIJOE  

    like not putting up nooses on black professors' doors, its on the honor system.

  5. nope  

    the elections board stamps a certain number of posters, and you get in trouble if there's a poster without that stamp.

    sometimes i'm ashamed about how much i know about ccsc.

  6. ind  

    why have posters at all? printing out 1000 posters per party is just wasteful.

  7. ...  

    wow! what an antiquated, wasteful and silly system. (very columbia!) the nuts and bolts of campaigning occurs on the internets these days anyway...

  8. criminal  

    alidad damooei and george krebs disseminating information on massive scales makes me wonder if the whole printing press thing was a bad idea. fuck, they should get no posters, on general principal.

  9. Bill Gates

    Be nice to the CCSC or they'll restrict the websites you can access!

    • well...  

      Wonder what the SEAS / GS/ Barnard etc. students would say to a website ban by CCSC.

      Of course, SEAS kids would probably find a way around it before it even came online.

      Fuck CCSC. Seriously.

      • ...

        i'm a gs kid. and i would say that the idea is an embarrassment.

        seriously. president of the university is a "constitutional freedom of speech and press scholar." meanwhile the student council is wondering if we can invite ahmadinejad back so they can pick his brain on how to best filter out objectionable internet content.

        putting aside the many technical reasons as to why such a thing would be ridiculous, the principle alone is such a huge contradiction in terms as far as what this place is supposed to be about it truly is embarrassing.

        note to columbia college kids: please to not be electing more idiots in the next student council election. thanks!

  10. Jesus  

    Wow. What happens if each side puts up unstamped posters advertising the other side? Would that be a rules violation, which in turn would cause both sides to have their official count lowered even further? What if I go tear down one side's posters? Do they get new ones?

    What's next, lowering the offending candidates' email quotas?

  11. Sadia  

    "infamous letter"

  12. Bill Gates

    Yeah, I know the homie Snoop.

  13. CCSC vomit  

    CCSC is so STUPID!

    It would have been nice if Bwog had informed us instead about the summer time change so I would have known to start drinking an hour earlier... Bwog, campus news that makes you want to throw up!

  14. arg!

    bwog!!! I kind of needed a daylight savings day heads up....Where were you?

  15. anyone  

    know how I change the time on my oven?

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