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It’s a rainy Saturday and, yes, it would be prudent to spend the day in Bulter, but don’t you deserve a break? (Bwog thinks you do.) And there’s really no better way to relax and pass a dreary Saturday than with a couple feel-good flicks.  Here, Bwog has compiled a smattering of movies that will help ease your midterm anxiety and brighten your day. So cozy up with some Swiss Miss and popcorn and enjoy!

(N.B.  Some of these titles may be difficult to find on DVD, but Kim’s will probably have the VHS version.)

1. Manhattan: A Woody Allen classic all too often overshadowed by Annie Hall.  The  story is  pretty much the same  as most  of Allen’s films.  He plays a lusty, bumbling New Yorker seeking love wherever he can find it�a search which lands him with a high schooler and later his best friend’s mistress. With Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton.

2. Small Time Crooks: One of the few recent Woody Allen films worth seeing.

The story follows  one cookie  manufacturer  from  near failure and foreclosure  to fortune and fraud: delightful!

3. Coming to America: Eddie Murphy at his best! Murphy as an African prince arrives in Queens to find a wife and goes undercover as an employee at fast-food restaurant.

4. Trading Places: Eddie Murphy was so funny once, what happened? Oh, right. Enter: Norbit. Here, Dan Aykroyd and Murphy team up to get back at Aykroyd’s boss and stick it to The Man.

5. Blues Brothers: Another fine moment for Dan Aykroyd. Aykroyd and Jon Belushi, in this musical-comedy quest,  come together as Midwestern crooks and reunite their blues band in order to raise the money to save the orphanage where they grew up.

6. Raising Arizona: An earlier Coen Brothers classic. Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter steal a baby. Enough said.

7.  Father of the Bride: Steve Martin charmingly grapples with the parental and financial anxieties of seeing his first-born daughter married.  With Martin Short as a ambiguously European wedding planner.

8. The Mask: A Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz tour de force in which Carrey finds a mysterious mask that transforms him from a lonely goof to a smoking, green-faced stud.  And Cameron Diaz looks really hot.

 9. Breaking Away: A young and muscular Dennis Quaid fights to win a cycling competition and break free from his small-town digs. 

10. The Sting: An indispensable Paul Newman and Robert Redford comedy and crime thriller.  Set in the 1930s, Newman and Redford play charming crooks who rustle together a masterful get-rich quick scheme.

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  1. trading places  

    is probably one of the best movies ever made...

  2. EAL  

    Truly, The Sting is one of the greatest movies ever made.

    And for all you i-banker wannabes, Trading Places provides you with a great crash course in commodities exchanges.

  3. ......

    "N.B. Some of these titles may be difficult to find on DVD, but Kim's will probably have the VHS version."

    now tell me, bwog, who on campus has a VHS player?

  4. uhh

    small time crooks is a piece of shit movie.

  5. Anonymous  

    The Sting should be required viewing to live in the modern era.

    Also, Eddie Murphy's Stand Up special "Delirious," is about 1000 times funnier than any of his movies. Which is not to say that Coming to America isn't good. But Delirious is better. It's movie-length, so find it, get high, and watch it.

  6. SpellCheck  

    Nicholas Cage and Marin Short are both stellar comedic actors, but I still don't think they're as funny as Billy Cryssal or Danny DoRito.

  7. fantastic  

    i am very impressed with the inclusion of breaking away. particularly since for some of us, the rain prevents us from going on a nice long bike ride.

  8. Correction

    Dennis Quaid does not play the role in the plot of "Breaking Away" described above. i.e., the person attempting the titular break from their hometown is the non-famous lead actor, not Quaid.

  9. tootie  

    how the $%^&! you gonna pick coming to america and not have ghostbusters on this list. ernie hudson is the shit.

  10. uh oh

    "ambiguously European"

    someones been watching too much Legally Blonde: The Musical...

  11. quality control  

    what a totally pathetic, lazy post. do we really need a "Bwog Recommends Popular and Well-Known Movies" feature? the write-ups are not clever or insightful or even entirely accurate.

    also, i don't know why you'd bring up VHS in the first place...every one of these movies is readily available on DVD

  12. yes.

    Raising Arizona is quite excellent.

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