Thoroughly Benign Protest Act in Front of Earl

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Last week’s felling of the tree in front of Earl sparked a mild-mannered quasi-protest act by an unidentified group of individuals who have placed a papier-mache Lorax on the stump of the Tree That Once Was. 

Bwog would never suggest, however, that in order to create the papier-mache Lorax, the merry protesters would have had to have used paper, one of man’s favorite tree-based substances.


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  1. hmmm  

    ohhhh bwwwogggggg, how pithyyyyyy

  2. I speak  

    for the trees! For the trees have no tongues!

  3. also  

    that's not papier mache at all. Though it is made of paper.

  4. i think

    the statement is more important than the small use of paper

  5. Yikes

    Looks like something from South Park.

  6. It's  

    people like you that make me hate this place.

  7. haha  

    this is brilliant.

  8. Classics Fan  

    Good use of the praeteritio, Bwog.

  9. does that make  

    PrezBo the Once-ler?

  10. wish  

    he were at least the right colors.

  11. uhh  

    What is this unidentified group of individuals protesting? Wind?

  12. keb  

    As a friend of one of the unnamed individuals I feel I must say that this was not an act of protest, but rather embracing an opportunity to have a little fun. The stump was perfect for a Lorax. They just wanted to be creative and light hearted.

    • Alum

      I agree--I'd love to see more coverage of actual fun things on campus. Lord knows I get enough dirt on the scandals from Gawker. So get to it Bwog--has Jester been up to anything lately? What about the crazy Shakespeare kids? There must be some people on campus who aren't thinking about the (ex) governor all day.

      Props to the Hawkmadineblog, though.

  13. random  

    The red one looks like a jellybean on withdrawal.

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