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Those gungho-y-est of campus organizations, CCSC and the EcoReps, win this week’s Bwog award for most funnest use of Microsoft Excel with their new website. One bar graph reveals that the average Carman resident excretes over 5 pounds of carbon a week.  A pie chart proves that John Jay is an energy-gobbling monster, which Bwog’s resident common sensicalist attributes to the kitchen appliances of JJ’s and the dining hall, and which Bwog’s your-book-smarts-won’t-get-you-far-in-the-real-world arm attributes to high elevator use in such a tall building. For those less concerned with the time-burning joys of pie-charting and bad-joking, here’s a feed of environews and the reason our roads will some day reek of french fries.

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  1. edward tufte  

    A tilted pie chart is one of the worst possible ways to display quantitative information. The "slices" closest to the viewer and farthest away (if you follow me) appear much larger simply due to the rules of perspective. It also makes it more or less impossible to compare two dorms.
    This is interesting data, and it deserves to be presented in a way that allows people to use it fully. Right now it's just pretty. Even a simple bar chart makes it trivial to compare two dorms, see which one emits the most, etc., WITHOUT the pain of trying to compare tilted slices.

  2. hahaha  



  3. advocate

    the geometer would not be pleased

  4. left out  

    why isn't ruggles on the pie chart?

  5. well  

    clearly wallach wins with 0% energy usage.

    why isn't that kwh/person? it would be a lot more informative...

  6. Artemis November  

    Barnard doesn't have any excretions because, apparently, girls don't poop.

  7. ecorep

    for the record, when Bwog says CCSC, it means Alidad is responsible for working with the EcoReps on this one.

  8. ...  

    minus 0.5 points for posting the third chart with stretch handles visible...

  9. ...  

    grad student apathy in your favor. it's actually the fourth chart. collect your 0.5 points back...

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