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This April marks the 40th anniversary of the 1968 student protests at Columbia. (For a brief re-cap, you can read about Barnard’s Town Hall on ’68 here.) In order to commemorate the protests, the administration, along with several activist groups and student organizations, is organizing a three-day conference about the events. Channel all your false nostalgia into a weekend of lectures, tree-planting, and concerts. 

The event boasts some pretty big names including activist and former Jane Fonda paramour Tom Hayden,  British historian and New York Review of Books contributor Tony Judt, ’68 protest leader/SDSer Mark Rudd, and hometown favorite and former SDS president Todd Gitlin.

The weekend will also feature such events as a Druids of Stonehenge concert at no one’s favorite bar Havana Central, an investigatory, “large scale, multimedia narrative” fittingly entitled “What Happened?”, and a closing ceremony/picnic lunch. Tickets are not available yet, but Bwog will alert you of when they are. Until then, once again, we’d like to direct your attention to a video of the Grateful Dead playing on campus. It’s a lot like that time Vampire Weekend played on the steps of Low during Orientation Week, except you know, completely different.

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  1. Grayson Kirk

    Oh dear god. It looks like all the clowns are coming out for this. Should be a fun few days.

  2. thats ferris booth

    Way to misidentify campus. They are FACING LOW. That was in front of Ferris Booth, where lerner now sits.

  3. Guest

    I'm waiting for the headline:

    "'What Happened?' Dumped Due to Total Lack of Interest"

  4. Prodhon

    Tony Judt's taught at NYU for a while.

  5. anonymous

    Mark Rudd, David Judd -

    how do these idiots slip past admissions?

  6. Anonymous

    for full information about the Columbia 1968 event go to

  7. reading material

    Some good stuff on 1968

    * (click the links on the left. tons of information)
    * (a personal recollection)
    *Chapter 15 of "Stand, Columbia" by Robert McCaughey

  8. I wish

    Mark Rudd would stay away from my campus. We don't need him anymore.

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