Meghan McCain: The Definitive Profile

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A month after GQ featured Vampire Weekend, once again a Columbia alum is profiled in the men’s mag. This time, it’s blonde blogger and prospective first-daughter Meghan McCain, CC ’07.

It’s an odd interview, as even the writer—who happens to be the deputy online editor at The New Republic—admits. Initially, McCain treats the readers to an insider’s look at her refrigerator, revealing two types of beer and twelve cups of Jell-O. The conversation then turns to her time at Columbia (“I loved it!”) to her film and television recommendations: “It’s a bisexual-dating show!” McCain says of A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila. “It’s hilarious!”

Talk soon turns to politics, as that is (ostensibly, at least) the reason she’s being profiled in the first place. Meghan on Obama: “I think universally women find him attractive. Whatever.” Meghan on the early days of her father’s campaign: “Over the summer, it was like we were uncool.” 

Anyway, you can read the entire profile for yourself if you’re interested in what type of guys Meghan is into and not into.  (Hint: bad boys who wear Converse sneakers and investment bankers, respectively.)

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  1. duh

    Bad boys who wear Converse sneakers? Old news. Every girl is into that.

  2. pss

    she was cc07. her dad spoke at graduation the year before...why, who knows?

    • are

      you asking why he spoke the year before she graduated or why he spoke at all? well, he spoke because he is the republican candidate for president. why he spoke the year before, was because she didn't want him speaking at her own ceremony.

      does anyone know this girl from school? i was '07 and i spent four years wondering what mccain's daughter even look like. and i never remember anyone who actually could describe meeting her. supposedly she lived in ec one year, but i sort of doubt that.

  3. Wow

    I plan on voting for her father, but she sounds like an absolute imbecile.

  4. Yes I would  

    I'd hit it.

  5. wtf  

    she does NOT look like that....and that's all i'm saying

  6. appearances

    I think she looks quite alot like the way Britney Spears used to look in this photo. Wouldn't you say?

  7. Casey

    I accidentally shot Meghan with a Nerf dart one summer. I had no idea who she was at the time. Oops!

  8. of course  

    the real question is: anyone seen her titties?

  9. cc '07

    I had a few classes with her-- I would say this interview respects her personality fairly accurately.

    The picture, on the other hand, not so accurate.

  10. idiots  

    you don't need to provide fake email addresses

  11. chip

    she's a cutie and the haters are just jealous. I need to get this little broads number ..

  12. jimmy donuts

    Now that is a handsome woman, and that is a very sturdy-looking rack!

    In sum, I would hit it.

  13. McFister

    I predict that the relative rankings of bad boys wearing converse sneakers and investment bankers will be reversed after her father loses the election.

  14. wow,

    18, 21, and 22 - you three are scholars AND gentlemen. your agonizingly sophomoric and unoriginal comments are only surpassed by your misogyny. impressive.

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