A month after GQ featured Vampire Weekend, once again a Columbia alum is profiled in the men’s mag. This time, it’s blonde blogger and prospective first-daughter Meghan McCain, CC ’07.

It’s an odd interview, as even the writer—who happens to be the deputy online editor at The New Republic—admits. Initially, McCain treats the readers to an insider’s look at her refrigerator, revealing two types of beer and twelve cups of Jell-O. The conversation then turns to her time at Columbia (“I loved it!”) to her film and television recommendations: “It’s a bisexual-dating show!” McCain says of A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila. “It’s hilarious!”

Talk soon turns to politics, as that is (ostensibly, at least) the reason she’s being profiled in the first place. Meghan on Obama: “I think universally women find him attractive. Whatever.” Meghan on the early days of her father’s campaign: “Over the summer, it was like we were uncool.” 

Anyway, you can read the entire profile for yourself if you’re interested in what type of guys Meghan is into and not into.  (Hint: bad boys who wear Converse sneakers and investment bankers, respectively.)