And Just When You Thought Westside Market Couldn’t Get Any Better

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Tipster Josh Mathew informs Bwog that Westside Market “will soon be using only biodegradable plastic bags and that customers will also have the option of purchasing reusable bags for 99 cents.” An environmentally-sound way to transport your fresh, delicious, and fairly-priced groceries from 110th to your dorm. How lovely.

Meanwhile, what say you, Morton Williams? Your convenience can only blind us from your mediocrity for so long. And then perhaps a time will come when we will be consistently motivated to walk the extra six blocks to Westside Market. The winds of change are blowing south.

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  1. note  

    never ever eat the food under the heat lamps at morton williams. time and time again i've bought food there despite previous unsavory experiences, thinking "the pasta/fried rice/whatever can't be that bad..." lo and behold, it ends up tasting like a combination of rubber and feet.

  2. indeed  

    westside market is massively overhyped.

  3. i bought  

    milk yesterday from west side market only for it to be spoilt already, 5 days before the sell by date.

  4. DAG  

    is still my one and only

  5. meh  

    please be careful buying meat from WM. Their coolers often break. I have seen meat stored at 55F - unsafe. Not the chicken section, but the display opposite the aisle. I tried to let some of their employees know, but they seemed uninterested.

  6. Leviathan  

    Both are overpriced and overhyped.

    WestSide Market has an interesting pricing strategy on its products. It sells some relatively cheap so they think they're getting a deal, and gouges people on others.

    Most supermarkets do this, but WM is one of the worst offenders.

    • Offenders?  

      Uh, it's called price leading, and it's prevalent virtually throughout the retail industry. I don't see how putting some items on sale is a bad thing. It's not an offense, and it's one of the only ways stores can reasonably hope to compete if people believe them all to be overhyped and undifferentiated otherwise.

      For people who care about the quality of their food, the only hype about WM is that it is far better than MW, not that it rises to the level of Whole Foods or anything like that.

  7. Westside  

    should offer a credit to customers who decline plastic bags altogether. That's the future

  8. re:coolers at morton

    I also recommend staying away from the food in the coolers opposite the yogurt. I've seen moldy food there, and I know more than one person who has gotten sick eating food from that cooler.

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