2012: A Face(book) Odyssey

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Today, current Barnard students received an emailing announcing that last weekend, admissions mailed regular decision acceptance and rejection letters to the latest batch of Terrible 12s. Barnard has yet to release statistics of this year’s admission process and has not yet updated its website to reflect whether or not the class of 2012 includes any former child stars.

The 12s, however, have moved quickly, and there are already 177 of them in a Facebook group celebrating their imminent descent on Morningside.  “Yay us! :D”, reads the group description. When compared to the College’s 2012 Facebook group, what BCs Facebook-savvy 12s lack in exclamation points, they make up for in gratuitous emoticons.

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  1. halp  

    I love these posts! They make me absolutely scared.

  2. dear bwog  

    that's not the college's facebook group. it's the college and seas 2012, or more simply Columbia 2012, unlike barnard.

  3. rss feed  

    when i click on a link in the rss feed, it says:

    display_current_article: id no good

  4. 09er

    oh shit here come the 90s babies :(

  5. class of 12 haha

    can you guys believe that youre that old?

  6. 2012

    I have not decided for sure, but I am almost positive that I will be joining the ranks of the lovely Barnard ladies. i couldnt be more excited.

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