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flexNussbaum & Wu is now officially parent subsidized.  That’s right gentle reader–one swipe is all you need for the most cream cheese you could ask for on a toasted bagel.  HamDel will be coming by tomorrow morning at the latest, according to BB1 (the vendor).

BB1 plans to ship the equipment to Fairway tonight, so expect the supermarket to be accepting CUIDs by the end of the week.  The original go-live date was Monday, but how long is a day when you’ve been waiting your whole life for delicacies on your parents’ dime?


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  1. correction

    actually, the launch date that everyone was told was April 1... so they are 6 days early, not one day late.

  2. HURRAH  

    this is historical.
    i love hamdel!

  3. nice  

    just added some much needed flex dollars to my card.

  4. In other news:  

    Hell has frozen over.

  5. ahem  

    "...according TO BB1..."
    check your shit, a single read through would have caught this one.

  6. whoever  

    is responsible for this: teach me your ways o lord and master.

  7. I hate you  

    And this is better than a shared credit card account with your parents how? What's that, they don't trust you? Because you're the type who would add Flex dollars behind their backs? What's that you say, you're so rich that it doesn't matter? Well, fuck you.

    • well surely  

      nobody realizes that with basically any credit card you'd get at least 2% back or more (given that your parents are rich and have a platinum card from bank of the elite that they can loan you) or some sort of points system... so why do that when you could use flex instead!

    • Hmm  

      I don't grant your premise, angry guy. The truly destitute students are those whose parents don't pay anything, flex/dining points being shored up to pay off in the next slew of loans taken out each semester.

      • angry guy  

        Well, I'm not destitute, but that doesn't follow to me. If you're "truly destitute" you're getting all grants in your financial aid package and probably not taking out a student loan to pay for a few thousand dollars in food each semester. And it strikes me as poor financial management for someone to take out heavy loans to pay for basic living expenses - it makes much more sense to me to try to get the effective couple percent discount from a credit card rather than deferring the payment until after graduation, regardless of your financial status.

  8. Good news  

    Wu of Nussbaum & Wu is definitely Chinese, so it is certainly not Korean-Jewish, Bwog.

  9. or...  

    scholarships. surely this angry guy knows nothing about how poor students survive...

    • still angry  

      Speaking as a relatively poor student, my scholarships and financial aid cover only the cost of attendance. Are you saying there are poor students attending Columbia who get full aid AND have money left over for flex accounts? Because I really don't have a whole lot of sympathy for how people are able to spend that. Lying to a scholarship provider is no different from to your parents; the difference is just who's writing the checks.

      • Still  

        Flex isn't paid for immediately, it's posted to your account. Speaking as someone who's more than once ran out of student loan-given living expenses, Flex and Dining Dollars have been life-saving when waiting for the next loan dispersement. Even if it's spending money one doesn't yet have.

        I'm not advocating this as a smart solution, angry guy (whether you're the same one or a new one). Clearly for some people whose credit is fine, a credit card with lower interest rate than a student is the smarter solution. Others (clearly speaking for myself) don't have such a hot credit report, and this isn't the case.

  10. uhhhh

    I know this is a crazy thought, but having it on my flex is just convenient. I keep my credit card (even my *GASP* shared one with my parents) in my wallet, which has a lot of stuff in it, but I carry my ID and key in my pocket. sometimes, I go to class with my key and id and that's it. if I can stop at ham del on the way back without having to take my credit card too, it's just easier. it's like living on a real college campus, kinda.

  11. hey, guess what  

    youre all loaded. be guilty silently please.

  12. happy person  

    Yay off campus flex! Is it happening at west side too???

  13. Baffled  

    As pointed out, why is this better than a credit card?

    If you're complaining about being poor and using it to hold off living expenses, my suggestion is to stay the fuck away from Nussbaum. The prices in that place are outrageous. HamDel prices aren't much better.

  14. Dining dollars?

    wait, it JUST flex, or Flex and Dining Dollars also?

    • ...  

      it's just flex. dining dollars are a tax advantaged deal that is restricted to meals served by columbia dining. (i think the tax code requires that it be meals only, and not groceries or anything else)

      ...and lets be honest. the only reason why kids are excited about this is that they see it as an opportunity to confuse and therefore extract more cash from their parents.

  15. so,  

    is there a columbia website or BB1 website that says exactly when flex is in use at the outside locations, or do i just have to keep coming back to bwog posts?

  16. happy  

    Thank you for the good news BWOG. This is why I read you ^^

  17. I AM SO HAPPY  


  18. YES  

    I totally agree with #25. It IS an opportunity to confuse and extract money from parents. Specifically, next year if I don't sign up for a ridiculously expensive meal plan and simply put tons of money on my flex, then my parents will pay it on the bill as my food money and therefore NO MORE JOHN JAY and no more spending my work-study aid on food. ...Actually now that I think about it, given the arrangement I have with my parents that money will probably end up being stuck onto my student loans.... dammit.

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