The Case of the Ladies-Only Free Pizza Party

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Last night, concerned citizen/tipster Karen Kwan alerted Bwog that Barnard students had once again received an email advertising free pizza. Only this time, it was to inform them that their free pizza party had moved locations. Instead of the Domino’s on 125th, the free, medium, one-topping pies had migrated south to Famiglia Pizzeria. “LOCATION CHANGE” the email announced, and this time, the free lunch at Famiglia would also supposedly include a small drink. 

Bwog was suspicious of the migrating free pizza party and called Famiglia to ask about its legitimacy.  “Yeah, you get a couple of slices and a drink,” the friendly Famiglia phone-answerer informed us. “But you gotta sign up with Citibank.” A-ha!

The Mystery of the Pizza Party: Solved.

In other food-related/money-related news, President Diamond has informed Bwog that Off-Campus Flex is now accepted at HamDel. One tipster already reports back with details of her HamDel transaction: “I just swiped for a sandwich at Hamdel and it worked perfectly, although I think they’re having a bit of a rough adjustment.  They’ve got to punch in a code and it takes longer than paying with cash.”

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  1. According to  

    JuicyCampus, President Diamond has her own royal family jewels.


  2. sagsags  

    please stop deleting my comments

  3. scam?  

    I remember "free" famiglia pizza that required you to sign up for an offer with your Social Security #. ridiculous.

  4. Adventure Nutsplash  

    When you're here, you're famiglia!

  5. ...  

    ...and so it begins. in the not too distant future. low library will receive the information it requested, two hundred information packets on how leila bollinger can get a jump start on building her credit rating with great products from citibank...

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