Cooking With Bwog: Throw It In Edition

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Cooking with Bwog we bring you solutions for dealing with those times when nothing in your fridge works with anything else. Questions or concerns? Send them to [email protected]

1. If it’s vegetable, it will probably go with other vegetables.

Last week Bwog made dinner by cooking every veggie Bwog had in the fridge in a bit of oil until soft, pouring in a little pre-made pasta sauce, and then pouring it over rice (also leftover). Tomato is a good unifier for a primavera sauce since it has a much stronger flavor than most other veggies, especially when they’ve been cooked in it. You can even throw a choice fruit into a salad – apples and oranges usually work well with lettuce.

2. If you have a meal plan at John Jay, use borrowed food to flesh out the menu.

Sometimes Bwog ends up with all meat, or all dairy, or all veggies in Bwog’s fridge. Put off stocking up until the weekend and survive by borrowing rice or noodles or meat or salad from John Jay and adding food groups to your table.

many more food3. Put condiments on salads, salad dressings on meat and sandwiches.

Ketchup is great to add color to soup. If you mix it with a little oil it will make a passable dressing for salads too. Salad dressings make great sandwich and meat additions, mustard will spice up just about anything, mayo should be spread on everything (including your face).

4. Make a combination of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This might not be that aesthetically satisfying, but your tummy will probably feel fine. If you’ve got oatmeal, fried chicken, left-over milano salad, and pie, don’t bother trying to mix them together, just eat them separately. You’ll get a complete meal and get rid of food that you paid good money for and would have to throw away.



  1. foodie  

    ewwwww. grossest ideas ever!!! ketchup + oil = salad dressing??? i think not! eating cheaply doesn't have to be disgusting!

  2. ...  

    this is disgusting and pointless.

  3. comment on #4  

    "don't bother trying to mix them together, just eat them separately." Isn't that the opposite of what this article meant to say? I thought I am supposed to mix all my food into a delicous and nutritious mash?

  4. mayo

    is not semen, it should not go on everything!

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