Bwog Goes to Brooklyn: A Guide to Brooklyn Restaurant Week

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Bwog loves food, especially cheap food.   Bwog also loves Brooklyn.  Indeed, Bwog loves Brooklyn Restaurant Week.  Here, Bwog offers a selective assortment of some Brooklyn Restaurant Week stand-outs.  If lines are long at the participating restaurants, Bwog provides a few noteworthy non-participating restaurants.

Unfortunately the borough publicizes rather humbly and Bwog just learned of the event.  But don’t despair! Restaurant Week lasts until Monday night.


Participating Restaurants:

Bacchus Bistro: 409 Atlantic Avenue (718) 852 1572

Simple French fare in an elegant and understated atmosphere.  As its name suggests, the wine list is excellent.

Blue Ribbon/ Blue Ribbon Sushi:  280 (718) 840 0408 5th Avenue

Large menus and large portions is the MO at the Brooklyn outpost of the Manhattan favorite by the same name.  Bwog recommends their pulled pork sandwich!

Bogota Latin Bistro: 141 5th Avenue (718) 230 3805

Skip Havana Central and head to a less downtrodden capital.  Try the fish tacos or the arroz con pollo. Your Latin American Civ. professor will be proud.

Downtown Atlantic: 364 Atlantic Avenue (718) 852 9945

Here, comfort food is served in a refined and fun neighborhood setting.  Live jazz late on Saturday nights. 

Rose Water: 787 Union Street (718) 783 3800

The food is as lovely and delicate as the restaurant’s name.  Each week the menu changes according to what is in season and fresh at local green markets.  With attentive service and well-prepared food, Rose Water’s high prices are well worth the splurge.


Non-Participating Restaurants:

Al Di La: 248 5th Avenue (718) 636 8888

Without a doubt, Al Di La is the borough’s finest Italian trattoria and could probably hold its own with Manhattan competitors.  Al Di La does not take reservations, so the only way to guarantee a table is to arrive very early or very late. 

Brooklyn Fish Camp: 162 5th Avenue (718) 783 3264

If Bogota is too crowded, try the quieter atmosphere at Brooklyn Fish Camp just across the street.  The grilled octopus salad is fresh with lemon and hint of charcoal; it is summer in a mouthful.  Order the lobster roll as an entree and you’ll feel just like your on the Cape. 

Frannys: 295 Flatbush Avenue (718) 230 0221

You’ll never go to Koronet’s again. The Pizza at Frannys is perfect.

The Grocery: 288 Smith Street (718) 596 3335

The Grocery is the perfect place to go if you want a make a night out of dining in Brooklyn.  With high-quality ingredients, the chefs at The Grocery prepare refreshing takes on classic dishes.  For dessert, the peach cobbler is pure and simple deliciousness. 


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    without an apostrophe

  2. sexual  

    bogota's food is incredibly good and incredibly cheap....ate there for my birthday last year. but if you're looking for good italian food, go to bensonhurst, and for pizza, grimaldi's.

  3. "without a  

    doubt, al di la is the boroughs finest italian trattoria." have you been to brooklyn more than twice? there are a lot of good italian restaurants in this borough that's home to about 2 million people. many of these restaurants are in the borough's traditionally italian neighborhoods. but you probably haven't been there and your acquantiance with brooklyn consists of about four trips to williamsburg and that time you thought you were in brooklyn but it was really the lower east side.

  4. Uhh

    What list did you look at? Al di la participated for lunch and it's a nice enough place but far from the "best in the borough". Like #6 said, you don't go to Park Slope for good italian. Totally wrong neighborhood. You guys also missed some seriously great restaurants like Peaches, applewood, and the farm on adderley. Also, FYI-- some restaurants are extending their Dine in Brooklyn specials for the rest of April... I just ate at Blue Ribbon and both the bistro and the sushi bar are doing it.

    Get somebody who knows Brooklyn better on this beat! Or at least do some better research

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