Francophiles, Rejoice!

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Tipster Jenny Lam has good news for fans of Freaks and Geeks and Spider-Man:

“Stalkers, plan accordingly: I was at the Whitney Museum administrative offices for an internship interview this afternoon. I’m signing in at the security desk, only to look up and see “JAMES FRANCO” written above my name.  I turn around, and, sure enough, a scruffy-looking Harry Osbourne is being introduced to a Whitney employee by a British girl, and his hair is a nice shade of bottle blond (orange, rather).  As I’m waiting for security to contact my interviewer, I hear JFranc say that he’s enrolled at the Columbia MFA Writing Program for Fall 2008, and he’ll be taking classes at Tisch as well.”

Another tipster tells us that Teh Internets are already all atwitter at the news, at least over on oldschool Livejournal community/celebrity gossip blog Oh No They Didn’t. Some highlights from the comment thread on their post (which, incidentally, appears also to have been written by Lam):

lolz poor dood he’s going to get stalked by creepy people omg

but omg jelisss celebrity sightings”

I might be doing the summer drama program and Tisch. LOLOLOL I’m going to eat his face off.”

I would pound that like maize”

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  1. Anonymous  

    I hope he's paying full funding and his spot didn't knock someone with no name out of it.

    Otherwise, I don't care.

  2. jlam  

    heh. yeah, i just copy-and-pasted the bwog tip to ontd. that site is such a good tool for procrastination.

  3. lalalal  

    so that explains it! I actually saw him on Thursday by Dodge. At first I thought i saw someone who looked like him. and then I did a double take and realized that it was him! He has his hair dyed a mix of blonde and auburn. and yes he is sporting the scruffy look.

    funny thing is, on Friday, i saw the guy who plays Detective Munch on Law and Order.

  4. haha  

    good title bwog.

  5. Can  

    "I would pound that like maize" be added to the favorite comments? Pretty please?

  6. oh my god...

    his cheekbones...they're...overpowering me!

  7. this girl

    he's still taking English classes at UCLA if anyone wants to know...

  8. friend

    this is like the game telephone and the first person to hear the message has already messed it up! i know him personally and he hasn't sent in his acceptance to columbia or any grad program as of yet.

  9. Alex  

    I saw him walking up the stairs of the Dodge building today. lol i was stunned.

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