Bwog is currently livebwogging from the Low Steps, where we (like many of you) stumbled upon a rock concert. The music was loud (and catchy) as Bwog yelled around in vain trying to figure out what the concert was for. We first ran into Jeffrey Rodriguez, SEAS ’10, of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship who explained that the concert (which is called Praise on the Steps for Jesus) was to kick off Jesus Week. Bwog screamed a couple clarifying questions, but Rodriguez ran off to enjoy the show. Dejected, we resigned ourselves to Googling. Luckily, Jonathan Walton, CC 08, sat down next to us on the steps and began typing on Bwog’s laptop. “Jesus Week is traditionally the week before Easter at Columbia University but because of Spring break this year we decided to have it later in the year.  Each year the Christian fellowships come together to worship and reach out to campus through events and service,” he wrote in our open Word document. “Thank you!” Bwog yelled. Walton smiled and ran off.

The participating Christian fellowships include Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Korean Campus Crusade for Christ, Campus Crusade for Christ, Remnant Christian Fellowship, and Kompass Christian Koinonia. “Are you ready to love God?!” the lead singer yelled to the crowd. The crowd replied affirmatively, enthusiastically.