Bwog heard rumors from CCSC higher-ups that President Michelle Diamond has spoken to Dean Colombo about the feasibility of banning Juicy Campus from Columbia’s servers. He informed her that it’s both expensive and impossible to do—though Zach van Schouwen could have told her that weeks ago. Also, Columbia’s lawyers have advised against it—though, of course, the writers of the Constitution could have told her that hundreds of years ago. Mystery: solved. 

Anyway, Diamond is reportedly hoping to kick-start a campus-wide “pledge” against Juicy Campus, which would basically involve its signees agreeing to avoid reading the site. 

It’s really all just PR 101: If you circulate a campus-wide petition against something, it will quietly fade away.  

UDAPTE: Gothamist has a screen shot of Juicy Campus (!), and links to our coverage of the upheaval. You can read about it here