See how your classmates live as Bwog resurrects an old favorite feature: Room Hopping. If you (or a friend) has a beautiful, well-decorated, tricked-out, gaudy, or otherwise exceptional room or suite, send word Bwog’s way and we’ll send a camera crew and reporter. What’s the point, after all, of living the high life if no one knows about it?

Gabi D’Addario and Tessa Rapaczynski, both CC’10, have been friends since kindergarten. Before the start of high school, the two went to French summer camp in Switzerland. The “camp” was a decrepit house owned by a man the girls knew only as “Monsieur.” The campers had to brush their teeth three times a day, and when their rooms were messy they were sent on “punishment walks” up a nearby mountain. In the rain. Tessa’s room was often messy.

One bright spot was the camp’s foosball table. Gabi and Tessa became quite good at the game, and, when Gabi found an abandoned table on the streets of New York some years later, she saved it from the dumpster. It now sits in the middle of the McBain double she shares with Tessa. Floormates came in and played…at first.

“We’re a great team,” Tessa said, “We just beat everyone. It wasn’t fun anymore.” Gabi agreed: “We were going to organize a tournament, but I don’t know if anyone would stand a chance.” A shame, but the foosball set serves nicely as a coffee table—Elle and US Weekly was stacked on top of the little red and blue men.  A foosball table isn’t an obvious fit with the red paint, mirrors, and jewelry that covers the walls, or the room’s overarchingly Middle Eastern décor, but hey, it works. Even without the table, the room would still be several notches above the usual fluorescent McBain squalor.

Gabi and Tessa’s extensive decorating job started when they realized they were going to have a very special double. One of the biggest in McBain, the room has a mutant super-heater to match. “Last year, the people who had the room before us had to move out it was so unpleasant. We knew we would have to make an effort to make it livable,” Gabi said. And after a semester of bugging Columbia to stop the heater from spewing forth a constant column of 90 degree air— “We would be in our underwear, with the door open, playing foosball,” Gabi said, “and people would walk by and go, ‘Uhh…’”—even the temperature problem has been fixed.

All is well in the McBain “Red Room,” except perhaps the lack of worthy foosball opponents. They’re still on the lookout, and if you’re brave enough to challenge these two Swiss-trained phenoms, they’ll have their door open.