Our all too brief sojourn to Brooklyn must come to a close, as our quest to explore each and every dorm continues. Today: Wallach. 

Hey, everyone. It’s Wallach!

Wallach is the kid in class that really isn’t the most interesting or social person but is certainly the one that can be immediately described as “nice.” He is the kid you are surprised to see at parties, the kid who would never throw a party himself but tried to once and only his roommate’s friends showed up. In high school, Wallach probably played a lot of Risk and got drunk for the first time off of a couple of Mike’s Hard Lemonades. In college, he still just really wants to play Risk and maybe kick back and have a few red wine spritzers while he’s at it. He has a good sense of humor but his stories are almost always about some awesome thing that happened to one of his friends once. Although it’s fun to run into Wallach every so often, he may or may not be the kind of person you want to spend a whole year with.

Don’t get me wrong though, Wallach still has some great qualities. The suite itself is carpeted and spacious when compared to Ruggles or Claremont and my room has a fantastic view of campus. The common room and kitchen allow for comfortable lounging and the water pressure of the showers is ideal. Still, one of the main downsides to Wallach is that the social scene is completely stagnant (I think that I had livelier parties in John Jay). You probably won’t become friends with anyone else in the building other than the kids in your suite—and with the mastermind behind the War on Fun living on the top floor (along with her family and two noisy dogs), the epicenter of the anti-drinking storm begins here.

Although my own RA is relatively relaxed, I have seen a couple of random RAs walk into my suite and inspect the area for signs of alcohol. Even if these raids are rare, you should still proceed with some caution as any bottle in sight warrants an immediate write-up. So, if you want to drink alcohol in Wallach, just don’t be an idiot about it by leaving bottles around. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to be loud and have parties, don’t live in Wallach. If you want to live with a bunch of nice people and enjoy a quiet environment with prime on-campus location then Wallach is the place for you. Wallach is a great guy, but he is more suited for a day at the ballpark with your parents rather than a night out at the bars with friends.

– Michael Molina