Class of 2012 is Here: No Joke!

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The day that the frequenters of collegeconfidential.com live and die by has finally arrived, as Columbia’s admissions letters to the class of 2012 have officially been mailed out, and online decisions were posted as of 5:05 p.m. last night.  Amidst a careful navigation of the daily chaos that is the post-CC or Lit Hum reunions of friends that one might see daily in the lobby of Hamilton Hall,  this bwogger witnessed yesterday Columbia’s Director of Admissions Jessica Marinaccio finally at ease, with arms crossed and an unmistakeable cheshire grin on her face, as she towered over myriad hand trucks and several bins of yellow envelopes (looks like they are going with DHL this year) being hauled by burly Columbia athletes into the Admissions Office.  These letters of admission it seems were to undergo a final inspection before being mailed out to nervous pre-frosh nationwide first thing this morning.

So, fellow Columbians, today marks an ignominious day in the history of our fair Alma Mater where the Terrible 12s regular decisions admits will inevitably join the ranks of their early admitted counterparts on Facebook, and over the next few weeks begin to wreak havoc on the relative peace that has characterized Morningside Heights as of late, as they crash our lovely singles for Days on Campus, play frisbee on the lawns, and ultimately decide to choose Columbia because they happen to be here during Bacchanal and the sunniest weekend of the year.  

Perhaps this class will offer this university much more than its most immediate predecessors, but if this nugget of journalistic gold is any indication of the disposition of Columbia’s newest breed, this bwogger will remain skeptical of Terrible 12s until persuaded differently.  In the meantime however, welcome class of 2012 and enjoy the ride!

Stats for the class of 2012                              

Total number of applicants: 19,116                 

Total admitted: 1,660                                      

Total acceptance rate: 8.7%                            

Percentage of CC accepted early: 27.4%         

Percentage of SEAS accepted early: 23.3%


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  1. Haha  

    They mailed it out on April Fool's day. Congratulations! You have been accepted to CU. JK!

  2. Anonymous  

    Ah, the circle of knife.

  3. Wow

    Thats a substantial decrease in the % accepted ED

  4. Hmm  

    Bwog may be suspicious of the Terrible 12's, yet you more than anybody tried to get them writing essays about senior year on Bwog, much to everybody else's chagrin.

  5. it's the

    90s babies, nooooo!

  6. Also

    Why is Bwog now Blog?

  7. oh man  

    the class of 12 already has a youtube video celebrating their acceptance...


  8. blech  

    that "journalistic gold" makes me want to puke.

  9. hey bwog  

    the stats of the class of 2011 is the amount of the class that early decision is made up of, and the stats of 2012 is the percentage accepted early.

  10. hahaha  

    rick roll is such a good lookin' ginger!!!

  11. ugh  

    Terrible reporting by spec, as usual. Why do they always "headline" CC? That's like DP reporting "Wharton more selective than ever" and then in the body of the article mentioning Penn SEAS, College of A&S, etc. No other school attempts to pretend that one undergraduate division is the "real" school. Hell, even Columbia wised up and started reporting the combined statistics to USNews and in general, providing the breakdown for transparency purposes.

  12. what  

    "Amidst a careful navigation of the daily chaos that is the post-CC or Lit Hum reunions of friends that one might see daily in the lobby of Hamilton Hall"

    This is literally an unreadable clause

  13. admissions is bad  

    Why do admissions committees exist at all?

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