Disturbing Financial News from Chipotle (and Beyond)

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Tipster and burrito-enthusiast  Eugene Shapsyuk alerts Bwog to some unfortunate price-raising at Chipotle:

“I thought it’d be worth reporting as an FYI that Chipotle raised their prices. Price of a Burrito with guac is now $10.34 up from $9.25 I think. Guac’s 10 cent’s more and a Burrito is $7.61 up from I think $6.95. It might not seem like much, but it’ll add up for those of us that go there at least a few times a week.”

Sadly, we April Fools you not.

Spec Food Editor/Bwog tipster Shane Ferro posits that the rise in Chipotle prices could be related to activity in the international avocado market, where grain prices have soared due to a drought in Australia. Likewise, the price rise could also be explained by a shift on American farms from corn to soybean production. Foreshadows Ferro: “Expect to pay about twice as much for a bagel soon, as well.”

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  1. this  

    just solidifies that my entire federal rebate check will be used to fund my burritos for the rest of the semester

  2. un amigo  

    go to taqueria instead!!!!!!

    Que RIco!

  3. well  

    predicts maybe. not foreshadows.

  4. Seriously  

    taueria is way better and cheaper, why go to chipotle?

  5. jhx  

    this never would have happened if we had cracked down on illegal immigration earlier

  6. ???  

    why the hell would you go to chipotle a few times a week?

  7. holy shit  

    four times a week? holy shit wow. just wow.

  8. avocado prices

    also went up as a lagging effect of the california fires

  9. additionally  

    they now have calorie ranges listed next to items. Burrito is of course the best bang for your buck with ~450 to I think ~980 calories

  10. real advice.  

    Taqueria is disgusting. The burritos are poorly wrapped and fall apart when you pick them up. Please do not listen to these hipsters.

  11. for real  

    actually Chipotle is the Arby's of Mexican food. It's owned by McDonalds and has shitty, shitty burritos. Please take a trip to a place that doesn't use white rice in burritos, and a super costs 6 bucks.

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