QuickSpec: April Funnies Edition

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No power struggles with new Provost, says PrezBo.

Noteworthy politician who previously liked to turn us down, to speak on Class Day.

Two hours, nine judges, and PrezBo’s haircut.  It all comes down to this?

Hey! something new: Columbia hates ROTC.

Hobsbawm revises revisionist history, again. 

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  1. Say My,

    yeah. these kinds of things stopped being funny years ago, bwog.

    how about a real quickspec?

  2. come again?  

    "If you are against the war, you are against having ROTC on Columbia's campuses."

    ...that's just not fucking true.

    I, for one, would take comfort knowing that at least some of the officers leading my military have taken CC. The reasons for keeping ROTC off campus are weak. If it's not the army's asinine stance on homosexuality, it'll be another thing. Let them back on.

    • not on this campus

      ROTC should definitely stay off campus (and will, thanks to the University Senate vote a few years ago), but a dislike of the military in general is not a good enough reason. I was active in the anti-ROTC campaign that preceded the senate vote, and it drove me INSANE that instead of just adhering to the only pertinent anti-ROTC argument (namely, that the military's stance on gays violates the university's non-discrimination clause), many people tried to claim that because "war is bad," ROTC has no place here. the logical problems with that argument are astounding. and i agree with #3--I want people in the military to have taken the Core.

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