Haiku Contest Hails Hawk

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Last week’s haiku contest proved
a jolly good time, so we thought we’d share with you which haikus H-dad liked the best. We’d been corresponding with him via gmail up until yesterday, when we received this report. Is H-dad dead? Prove that he is/isn’t by sending pictures and sightings to [email protected]


Sing Muse of Hawk’s rage:

Such was the wrath of one bird,

Breaker of Squirrels

Iranian Hawk;

cruel, petty aviator.

No gays in his trees?

Hawk, our Iron Chef

Squirrel paella on math lawn

Perfect score for taste

Runner-up (disqualified because it doesn’t directly praise our friend but rather his close relatives featured in Jurassic Park):

“Click click” go the claws

There’s raptors in the kitchen

A stainless steel tomb

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  1. Definitely #2  

    touche with the "cruel petty aviator"

    the others are good too, but this one's a step above

  2. question  

    Aren't hawks called raptors too?

  3. SRB  

    thanks for picking my "Iranian Hawk." I'm rather proud of it.

  4. epb  

    and my iron chef.

  5. The  

    3rd one has too many syllables in its second line - Unless squirrel is Squirrl?

    Also, I liked this one:

    A hawk takes campus

    Via eminent domain

    Needs no approval

  6. immortal  

    Hawkmadinejad cannot die.
    Hawkmadinejad lives in our hearts.

  7. Hawkmadinejad  

    is not dead. I saw him brunching on pigeon in a tree outside of Low this morning. Our hero is alive and well (fed).

  8. that bird:  

    Hawkmadinejad can slam revolving doors.

  9. ya...  

    the grass is always greener on the other side. Unless Hawkmadinejad has been there... then it is probably soaked in blood

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