Last week’s haiku contest proved
a jolly good time, so we thought we’d share with you which haikus H-dad liked the best. We’d been corresponding with him via gmail up until yesterday, when we received this report. Is H-dad dead? Prove that he is/isn’t by sending pictures and sightings to


Sing Muse of Hawk’s rage:

Such was the wrath of one bird,

Breaker of Squirrels

Iranian Hawk;

cruel, petty aviator.

No gays in his trees?

Hawk, our Iron Chef

Squirrel paella on math lawn

Perfect score for taste

Runner-up (disqualified because it doesn’t directly praise our friend but rather his close relatives featured in Jurassic Park):

“Click click” go the claws

There’s raptors in the kitchen

A stainless steel tomb