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Three reminders of interest to the competitive games-playing community: Bwog’s 1st Annual Mario Kart Tournament will be this Friday at 6:30 PM in Ruggles. All interested parties should email [email protected] to sign up yourselves or your friends. We’ll provide the food and drink, you bring sportsmanship and good cheer. 

Also, on Saturday in the Wien lounge (6-9 PM) will be the Blue Key-sponsored All-School Spelling Bee. $30 signs up a group of twenty spellers, with all proceeds going to charity. There will be free food and the winner of the Bee will naturally be receiving an iPod touch. Email [email protected].

And finally, on Saturday, a bit of March Madness comes to Columbia with a basketball throw-down for the ages. George Krebs and the Experience Columbia team has challenged Alidad Damooei and the rest of the Connect Columbians to a 5-on-5 basketball game in the Blue Gym in Dodge at 3 PM. “Be there or be square,” Krebs warned in an email.

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  1. what the fuck  

    does basketball have to do with CCSC elections? c'mon George...grow up

  2. email below  

    Dear Connect Columbia,

    Being an effective leader goes beyond the board room. It is important to show students what we are like outside of student council. To prove that we're doing things differently and to show which Executive Board team has better chemistry, we're challenging you, Connect Columbia to a 5 on 5 basketball game in the Blue Gym of Dodge Fitness Center. Saturday April 5, 3PM. Be there or be square. (Jen played varsity, Veronica dates a varsity player, this isn't out of your realm)


    George, Adil, Laura, Robyn and Ian

  3. ironic  

    I'm pretty sure presence at this basketball game is safe assurance that you are, in fact, a square.

  4. political observer  

    this is actually pretty cool way to take things outside of typical ccsc bullshit. obama has found it relevant for his race: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008/03/28/obama-to-play-3-on-3-basketball-to-register-indiana-voters/

  5. ipod touch?  

    so theoretically I could win that for under $2? nice.

  6. hmmm  

    they should make this a fundraising event. who wouldn't pay to see these people (i'll refrain from using names) attempt to play basketball?

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