Lottery Numbers Posted (For Real This Time)

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While individual lottery numbers have been available through the “housing portal” since this morning, the full list is now posted on the main housing website, by name and by number.

Bwog is pleased to announce the winner, one Brian Oches, a rising senior, with 8. And, in last place, freshman Stephen Chao, with a brutal-looking 2999.

Have fun analyzing your chances, and finding your friends to envy and pity.



  1. ecx cutoff  

    is there any guess as to what the ecx cutoff will be this year, based on what we know now?

  2. Really?  

    Groups of juniors applying to Claremont? Really?

  3. Great success!!!!  

    im in ec or hogan 5 person single!!!

  4. Question  

    Someone signed up in a group of 2 couldn't take one of the 4-persons right? They'd have to go for a double or break into general selection, right?

  5. trouble  

    I'm having trouble downloading/opening the files.

  6. ???  

    when will the cutoffs be posted?

  7. word

    Me too, here's to senior year.

  8. fear not  

    stephen chao, you'll have first pick at summer transfer. you'll be ok!

  9. ???  

    no like the god of housing did last year... like for each type of suite what the projection is? when/where is that?

  10. Yes really

    There are always at least a couple of senior groups in Claremont. There are some good four-person suites (some with fireplaces in the huge singles), and some people don't mind being a bit more off campus (usually the ones who have lived there before, and know the feeling of community a year in Claremont can inspire).

  11. same suite  

    is there any way to find out how many people used same suite for EC, and therefore are not in the lottery but occupying rooms?

    anyone know?

  12. Graduating Senior

    hase nough of this stupid Housing.

    Count on Columbia to make it more and more complicated every year to pay for yet more administrators. It used to be in a plain text format that you could SORT.

  13. Bill the Hipster

    Screw on-campus housing.

    Who wants to move to Brooklyn?

  14. wasn't

    the god of housing xavier?

  15. Bill the Hipster

    Washington Heights isn't a bad place to live, especially west of Broadway near the Cloisters. Rents are still cheap enough, especially if you're willing to move in with friends. It's only about 10 minutes from campus -- and there's a 24 hour Columbia library right there to study in that's not Butler.

  16. Why...  

    ...do people I hate always get awesome lottery numbers?

  17. Hmmmm  

    When does Group History get posted? I realize that I could do this myself, but I just don't have that much time...

  18. confused  

    how does number of points affect your options? for example, the list has freshmen w/ numbers like 150...does that mean they choose before juniors w/ a 200??? points just affect which buildings you can choose into right (e.g. you need 10 points to choose a double in nussbaum but 20 for a shapiro single or something)?

  19. sdflkjjl  

    it goes by point value and then by lottery number. so all 30s will choose, then 25s, then 20s, etc. if youre looking at the cutoff history a 20/1200 means the last person/group to get that house is a person w point value 20 (junior) and lottery number 1200

  20. anybody  

    wanna trade names?

  21. bwog!  

    find out what is going on with a 24 year old columbia student who was hit by a car at 122nd and Broadway. cbs tv news said he was running away from muggers?? He is in St. Luke's.. who is it? details please!

  22. actually  


    • six?

      dang. if i got lotto #6 i'd just break up the group and have us all steal some single watt apartments.

      then again, i didn't get six, so i'll just continue to live vicariously...

      • Goddess of Housing

        Actually, I'd be surprised if lots of the 8 person suiters like lotto #6 aren't planning on splitting up and going into general selection--there are some killer lotto numbers in the 8-person group set.

        I mean, you have 21.25/326, 20.0/6, 20.0/24, 20.0/658, 20.0/698, 20.0/718, 20.0/765--those are all groups of juniors/juniors and seniors, most of whom have signed off to be in quite small doubles when they could *easily* get singles. The first two could easily get Watt 1-bedroom apartments or big singles (with good view) in River. The last three might be able to snag singles in 600, probably singles in River, but if not that, then they could get any single they wanted in Broadway or Schapiro, easy.

        Same goes for 17.5/762--I'm too lazy to calculate the class division, but for them and 15/454 (which must have mostly freshmen in the doubles), cutoff history says rising sophomores could easily get Wien singles (but they could do better than that), big Broadway doubles, or the beloved singles in Furnald. And, of course, the upperclassmen in those groups could easily get Watt studio singles, one bedroom apartments, and anything down that line.

        It's just funny to me how the biggest possible group in housing seems to have stolen some of the best numbers for individual housing for the under- and upperclassmen involved. I'd be curious to see how many people so desperately want to live in Ruggles with 7 other people in rather small doubles that they give up good housing and killer numbers otherwise.

        Some thoughts on 7, 6, 5, etc., groups coming soon. (It's fun to analyze these things when you have no stake in them anymore :) )

  23. So...  

    ...What's the worst number that can reasonably be expected to get a rising sophomore into a Wien single? Nobody on the housing board seems to agree.

  24. sixtoo  

    Yeah if i got lotto #6 I'd do that too....OH WAIT I DID! Dumb suites of 8.

  25. can i just say?  

    i get so frustrated with people who are "confused" about how the housing lottery works. SERIOUSLY?? just read the god damn housing website and stop subjecting others to your stupidity.

  26. wrong!  

    the winner is actually Akiva Bamberger with #7.

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