True Life: Columbia Collge: I’m Spelling Bee Champion

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Hurry! From 6-9 tonight, the Blue Key Society hosts a competitive, campus wide Spelling Bee in the Wien Lounge.  ROAR, LION, ROAR! [Results after the jump!]

For almost every student, Spellcheck is an indispensable tool. Thanks to Bill Gates and his brainchild, Microsoft Word, the once tedious process of editing a paper for spelling errors has been reduced to a series of simple clicks. But then, there are those other students…

Yes, at Columbia,  there is a strange breed of students whose spelling capacities surpass those of that supercilious dancing paper-clip icon. These students spell with natural confidence and verbal intuition. Their vocabularies are so rich that while Spellcheck may flounder over obvious Greek derivatives, like, dialogism and phyllophyllin, Columbia’s superior strain of spellers can easily tackle any word.

This evening at 6 o’clock,  these literati optimati will face off at the Blue Key Spelling Bee in the Wien Lounge. The event plans to raise money for the organization NYC for Animal Care and Control. The funds will be split equally between the aforementioned charity and a charity of the winning team’s choice.

In the weeks preceding the competition, many campus clubs and organizations, including The Blue and White, have paid a $30 registration fee for the ability to compete in the event.  After registration, each club then elects its superlative speller to represent the team in the actual bee. Tonight these fine heroes have a chance to prove their verbal virtue and spelling strength. Whoever makes it to the end without a mistake wins an iPod Touch and all the glory of the Elysian Fields.

EDIT, 10PM – After a heated battle (in which a mere fraction of the teams showed up–Blue Key actually made $0 off of the event) Bwog’s very own Alexandra Muhler, CC’10, came away with the laurels of the bee and a new gadget after spelling the word “soliterraneous.” Bravo!

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  1. ...  

    one time when i was back in san francisco, we went to a bar where they had some national championship spelling bee on espn 2 or something. this bar usually puts the tvs on captions and plays the juke. but we had a terrible time following because the captioner couldn't spell the words. instead they would just write "[word]" and then you'd see the letters as the kid spelled them.

    anyway, we got the bartender to turn the juke down and turn the sound up and within about ten minutes, the entire bar was engrossed in the spelling bee. different groups loudly cheering on randomly selected kids.

    i'd never seen any bar get so excited about something on tv before... even the superbowl. it was true awesomeness...

    it was absolu

  2. how does Vaclav  

    Havel get rid of grammatical errors in his writings?

    with Spell Czech!

  3. Pigeon

    I think Spelling Hawks would be more worthy of reverence.

  4. wait  

    did you spell college wrong on purpose?


  5. did krebs accept  

    alidads challenge

  6. Pigeon  

    I can spell some of the tougher words--such as THERMOMETER, CLOTHESLINE, SYMPOSIUM, and CHIPOTLE.

    Take that peepz!

  7. random  

    Who the hell wants to watch a spelling bee for god's sake?!?!?

  8. Pigeon  

    How do you spell ESPN? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    It's like in your face.

    It'd be so cool if someone had to spell that.

  9. why  

    is Bwog posting embellished advertisements/annoucements for campus events rather than actually covering them? It's not that interesting, we all get the CCSC emails.

  10. why  

    is Bwog posting embellished advertisements/announcements for campus events rather than actually covering them? It's not that interesting, we all get the CCSC emails.

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