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B&W Features Editor Lydia DePillis sends in this artistic and moving plea discovered in the Woodbridge elevator.  Poor Isla has lost her mother Elaine’s iPod, and she’s offerring a reward (“and hug!”) to the kind soul who can help her find it.  Consider a lost iPod as an analogue to Cinderella’s glass slipper (not like […]

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After Bwog posted about a Shapiroite losing her key, we were notified by another student who had lost her iPod Touch.  Says the Forgetful: “I last used it at a meeting in Avery Cafe Monday night around 8 PM and am almost sure that I put it back into my bag, but alas it was […]

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Bwog on a Budget returns this week with a guide to making the most of your money and music collection. Downloading music can be confusing, risky, and worst of all, costly, so read this guide and amend your ways! Please let us know if we have left anything off the list! iTunes: The Exemplar Pros: […]

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Hurry! From 6-9 tonight, the Blue Key Society hosts a competitive, campus wide Spelling Bee in the Wien Lounge.  ROAR, LION, ROAR! [Results after the jump!] For almost every student, Spellcheck is an indispensable tool. Thanks to Bill Gates and his brainchild, Microsoft Word, the once tedious process of editing a paper for spelling errors […]

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Did you know the Spectator editors have a blog? Well, they do! And they have selected a winner! Apparently, Spec conducted a completely necessary survey to examine the relationship between Bwog and Spec, among other things. Some findings? For one thing, we do, in fact have a relationship. “Though its effects haven’t been researched, Bwog’s […]

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Bwog noted in February that iPods, newly present in Lerner vending machines, had apparently become as necessary to our daily lives as chips and condoms. In today’s edition of Education Life, the New York Times makes the same observation, and discloses that the same number of iPods have been stolen (four) as have been bought. […]

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Get yourself down to the vending machine in Lerner right by the entrance to the Party Space and you, too, can swipe an iPod shuffle. Only three left, though, so hurry.

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Anna Corke sez: A chem major just told me that if you plug your computer into an ethernet port in Havemeyer, you can share music over iTunes with undergrad chemistry Professor Leonard Fine! His collection includes such favorites as Madonna’s “Like a Prayer,” The Killers, and Bruce Springsteen. Meanwhile, the Bwog continues to listen to […]

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On a sign posted by the NYPD in Koronet: iPods and Cell Phones- Crime Prevention Tips: If you choose to wear your iPod, cell phone, or PDA clipped to your belt for all the world to see as some kind of 21st century status symbol, remember that may not be the best safety practice. The […]

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